10 Super Savvy Tips to Prepare Your House for the Winters

In no time, summer will fade away in the autumn’s colors, and then soon, the winter spell will be all over the place. While you are still enjoying BBQ nights with your friends and family, it doesn’t hurt to be ahead and start preparing yourself mentally and financially for the upcoming cold outbreaks that can direly impact your health, budget, and house condition.

More than buying longboats and warm clothes, turn your house into a trench for your war against snow, freezing wind, and below minus temperature. Making a few changes in your home can help you have cozy winters, along with saving energy bills and potential home damage. So, this time, get yourself ready to defeat the winter army with budget-friendly preparations to have warm and safe winters.

Here are given some proven and tested tips to make your winter season secure and warm:

Check Heating and Ventilation System

If you look for a villa for sale in Dubai, you know you wouldn’t need to worry about the heating system because winters in Dubai are not a problem. But living in Florida means that your house must have a fully functional heating system to fight harsh winters. This should be your first house winter preparation step.

Check your heating and ventilation system. Check if your radiators and boilers are working properly. Do they need maintenance and repair service? Changing filters is a good idea, but asking a HIVAC professional to do a thorough check is even better. Moreover, don’t forget to clean your ventilators to avoid clogging the ventilation system in the middle of winter.

Insulate and Seal Your House

Insulation is one of the most underrated winter preparation steps that result in an increase in energy bills and bone-chilling winter waves entering your home. Remember that even minor cracks in doors, broken window panels, and gaps between ceilings can also cost a lot. So, this time, along with spending money on adding a fresh paint coat, think of adding new window panels, using thermal curtains and blinds, filling wall cavities and door cracks, and plugging floor holes in your home improvement plan to stay warm in the winter season.

Sweep Out Chimneys

The idea of reading a book or watching a movie near a fireplace on a cold winter night is so fascinating. If you also have a chimney, then this will be on your winter to-do list. But wait! Don’t jump onto this fascination unless you do a thorough chimney cleaning. Your chimney walls will be filled with soot and blockages. If you burn the fireplace without sweeping them, it can produce carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas can actually kill you!

So, don’t take this step lightly and get soot, built-up creosote, and blockages removed from chimneys before the winter season begins. Don’t let your carelessness damage your health and finances!

Clean Gutters

Rain gutters are an important part of any house as they keep the roof in good condition, and save the house from siding, roof damage, and other structural damage. But they can become huge trouble if they get clogged – potentially, what happens when you don’t clean them before winter.

Debris, twigs, mud, and other things can trap in the gutters that don’t let the snow slide through them. Result? Clogged gutters that can damage your house’s structure beyond repair. So, don’t ignore this significant factor and hire a professional gutter cleaner to sweep chimneys before winters.

Test Smoke Detectors

You might have read many news articles where a fire outbreak in a house caused considerable damage because nobody knew about it timely. Such incidences increase during the winter season, where the use of fire increases within the house. That’s why smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are very important. If you don’t have them, install one right away. If you already have them, great, but do test their working beforehand to avoid any hazard or mishap.

Close the Sprinkler System

Open sprinkler systems and undrained faucets can cost you a lot if water gets frozen and they split open. Besides the cost of installing a new system, a flooded basement is also inevitable. Make sure to drain your lines at the beginning of the winter season. It’s even better if you call a professional for winterizing the faucets that will save you from facing any additional cost in case of bursted water lines due to frozen water.

Inspect Your Roof

Weathering, aging, and other factors affect your roof, like breaking, misplacing, or worning out shingles on your roof. Result? They can be very dangerous as loose shingles can get plucked and hit anyone during stormy weather. Not to forget that melted snow water can seep into them; hence, damaging roofing and causing leaks.

The only way to prevent any possible damage due to missing shingles is to call a professional roof inspection contractor and get your roof fixed before winter. A little bit of expenditure can go a long way and keep things off the headache this winter for you.

Insulate Water Pipes

This goes without saying that water gets frozen within pipes when the temperature hits below minus. This simply means that you will face problems getting water for cleaning and other purposes in the whole season. But things don’t end here; you might have to face a disaster if the pipe bursts due to frozen water.

Pipe insulation can save you from this possible disaster! You can take a professional’s help, but trying some DIY tricks can also help because pipe insulation is super easy.

Chop Down Branches

We have talked about things to keep the house warm, safe, and energy-efficient during winters. But what about your outer area? Huge tree branches grown over pipelines, roof, or garage can cause a lot of damage when hit by winter storms. These branches can break under the storm pressure and fall on anything that might lead to financial damage and life’s risk.

Moreover, snow-loaded branches surrounding the house also increase the cold. So, don’t hesitate to chop down overgrown tree branches during winter seasons. Don’t worry, they will grow again, but the damage they can cause might not be replaced. That’s why you should ring the winter season by trimming your trees to stay at the safe end.

Splash Warm Colors on the Walls

Just like cool colors are the top summer-time essentials for cooling effect in your house. Similarly, warm colors are the best for winters that generate cozy vibes and retreating feelings from the cold. Splash soft gold, olives green, dusty pink, and fiery red colors, depending on your taste and mood, and get ready to drench in the warm hues this winter.

You can’t stop the winter season from casting its wings. But what you can do is prepare yourself in advance to save yourself and your house from any potential winter damage. Hope these tips help you enjoy a warm, safe, and cozy winter season without any trouble! It’s better to stay ahead then be sorry because the savage winter queen doesn’t like to spare anyone. Slay this winter season with these savvy tips, and thank us later!

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