3 DIY Shelves Ideas You Should Consider For Your Garage

Many individuals consider your garage storage as the place where you can store the unwanted belongings that you might need in the future. It is also one of the minor priorities when it comes to budgeting for your household. Hence, the reasons why most garage storage is dirty, untidy, and do not have enough lighting in the first place.

Suppose that you are done with your dirty and unorganized garage storage. You can start changing your garage storage for the better by purchasing the right furniture that will help you tidy up your garage storage and make floor room for you to be more versatile in moving around. However, buying from the market might lead you to spend a lot of money.

Hence, for this article to give you some ideas and recommendations for the things you can do in changing your garage for the better without having to spend a fortune, here are three of the best do it your own shelves ideas that you can use for your garage to make it better than it used to be.

DIY Floating Garage Shelves

Most individuals would love tidy garage storage with a lot of floor space where you can move freely. One way to achieve that is by adding DIY garage shelves in your garage to make up for a room in storing your belongings. This will allow you to plan your future needs when it comes to your organizing needs.

Suppose that you need that floor space for your car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. You can add a DIY floating garage shelf to gain that extra room for your belongings while creating floor space for your other stuff. This can be a beneficial factor for you to move around freely inside your garage storage room.

One downside about this garage storage shelf idea is the inconvenience of reaching for your items every time you need to access them. This might lead to you requiring more time and effort in accessing your items. However, the sturdiness and safety of your items are rest assured, which is one of the most important considerations of most individuals.

DIY Garage Shelves With Doors

Another garage idea that is worthy of your consideration is adding DIY garage shelves with doors. In having DIY garage shelves with doors, you can plan out how you want your garage to look when everything is done. You can also decide on what type of materials to use to budget your money correctly.

Having your very own garage shelves door will also allow you to have privacy for your belongings, given that they are stored in compact storage. This will also protect them from getting damaged by rats and insects that may be living inside your garage storage. This will help you properly secure your garage items to avoid damage from uncertain events that may come to your garage.

However, having garage storage with doors might take up a lot of floor space in your garage storage room. This will also limit the number of items you can put inside, given that it is an enclosed storage place. Having it made with wooden materials can also restrict the weight size of the stored items inside.

Attached Garage Storage Shelves

You have the troubles and drawbacks that you might experience when building an enclosed storage shelf with doors. You can create an attached garage storage shelf that is open for everyone to access. This can be an advantage for you to quickly take the items you need and move on to the stuff you need to do.

The attached garage storage shelves will also allow you to display the items neatly and in an organized manner, giving a different aesthetic for your garage storage. You should never forget that you should only store your items that do not need a considerable amount of protection from mice and insects that may access your belongings.

Some of the best items you can store on these storage shelves are car tops, toys, helmets, laundry, and many more things.


In creating your storage shelf for your garage storage, you should always be one step ahead and think about the things you are putting inside your storage shelves. This type of mindset will help you to be able to make the proper storage shelves for your belongings in the future.

You should also consider the materials that you are using to have sturdy storage shelves that can last for many years to come.

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