3 Helpful Tips on Choosing a Netsuite Partner for Your Company

Aside from being recognised as the sixth biggest country in the world, Australia is also one of the most visited places. Some of its famous cities that tourists are dying to visit are Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. They are the metropolitan locations that even locals don’t get tired of seeing. The diverse Australian community also indicates its stable economic status. More investors are convinced to put up their firms since they’re confident of the high returns over time. Hence, every firm in the city heavily relies on technology to keep up with the competition.

Regardless of the type of your business, as a smart owner, you’d want to look for the best NetSuite partners in Australia to run your operation seamlessly. Startups or major firms don’t think twice about investing in cloud-based applications to boost their operation. Deploying a CRM or ERP is not an easy feat since it’s time-consuming and taxing. It is wise to allow professional service providers to do such tasks to concentrate on other parts of the operation. However, with so many of them in the market, choosing the most capable is also tough. If you’re aware of the critical factors to look for in a NetSuite partner, the selection process can be simplified.


Even if it is a software-as-a-service, it is not the usually plug-and-play kind of application. You have to be strategic in selecting the appropriate implementer since you’ll be working with them continuously.

No two partners are similar. Some of them will be more well-versed in your business needs. The majority of these partners specialise in certain sectors and verticals. Thus, you may end up partnering with someone who has been doing it for years already. That would be the best-case scenario for your business.

  1. Reliable Client History

Credible NetSuite partners in Australia will be able to provide a record of their previous clients and their portfolio. They can present the cases or issues they’ve resolved over the years of their operation. Try to ask about how long they’ve been operational and the kind of firms they cater to. Perhaps you can also inquire about the number of years they’ve been working with NetSuite and which sectors they’ve implemented the application. These are some of the usual queries that will tell you of the potential partner’s track record. Remember, you are investing; you’ll have to scrutinise every angle before using your resources on them.

  1. Solid Firm With Extensive Technical Expertise

These NetSuite partners will possess basic technical skills and comprehensive knowledge of the application. To maximise your investment, you have to check their understanding of your business too. The goals and plans must be perfectly aligned with your firm’s objectives. There’s no point in using technology if it will slow down your operation or disrupt any system. Bear in mind that this investment must generate a high return. Otherwise, you’re only wasting the resources on the wrong firm.

  1. Open Communication

Make sure to speak to your partner as often as possible, and relay your exact expectations, terms, and conditions. Like in any business deal, everything has to be laid out on the table. From the budget, goals, methodology, and timeline, these are essential elements that must be communicated transparently to both partners. This way, you’ll know what exactly is going on in your business, and should there be issues, later on, they can be resolved quickly.

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