3 Reasons Why You Need Firegel/Bird Free Gel for Pigeon Control

If you live in a city, there is a good chance that you are familiar with the problems caused by pigeons. Pigeons are a nuisance in urban areas and can lead to unhealthy living conditions as well as damage to property.

More than sixty distinct diseases are carried by these annoying birds, and any one of those diseases can be passed on to you, your kids, customer, and even your pets.

Do not be hesitant to get in touch with a pigeon control London expert if you have any reason to believe that you may be suffering from a vermin infestation.

Now, without further ado, here are three compelling reasons to take pigeon control London seriously.

Fecal Problem

Pigeon nests and droppings damage buildings. Their droppings can spread sickness. Pigeon droppings outside the entrance door are unwelcome.

If you’ve seen pigeons surrounding your home or company, you must act before their herd arrives. This is only because they arrives at least 40-50 times a day, pigeons defecate. Their droppings carry pigeon-attracting pheromones. Pigeons are non-migratory and nest in the same place. After settling, a flock stays put. Having a competent pigeon control London expert can prevent this.

Anticipate More to Come

As soon as they find a suitable habitat, pigeons will begin repopulating. As for the pigeons

who are female, they can easily produce five young offspring every single year. Therefore, if you observe a few pigeons congregating near your family or place of business, contact an expert in pigeon control London immediately.

Pigeons typically live beneath bridges, on building or house rooftops, beneath air conditioning equipment, and on extended roofs of structures. They are scavengers as urban birds, making urban homes and structures suitable nesting grounds. They flee to towns in search of food and protection from predators.

Unwanted Residents Who Pose a Serious Danger

These avian vermin are not only an eyesore for your property and a potential turnoff for potential clients for your company, but they also constitute a risk to your wellbeing and protection. Pigeon nests have the potential to cause fire dangers if they are built near electrical systems and can also impede drain sewers.

Their faeces have the potential to contaminate the air inside of buildings when they enter through ventilation systems.

Pigeons, pigeon faeces, and pigeon nests can all carry diseases that can be spread either via air around you or by coming into close touch with an infected person. They could at any time turn out to be unpleasant visitors in your house or at your place of business. 

Why You Need Firegel/Bird Free Gel for Pigeon Control London

Pigeon management is a topic that a lot of people find to be challenging. Pigeons present a unique challenge, as opposed to cockroaches, which may be easily eradicated by spraying them with insecticide from a can as they scurry across the floor of our kitchen. Which makes you consider of a lot of things. 

So, how do you even get rid of these unwanted residents? Well, there is a safe and very effective product called Firegel/ Bird Free gel. What does it do? How effective is it? Has it ever been tried? Well, let’s jump right into answering these questions. 

What Does the Gel Do?

Bird Free stimulates pigeons’ sight, smell, and touch. Birds avoid these three stimuli. This modifies the bird’s behaviour and eliminates the pigeon problem. Bird Free is unique among pigeon repellents because of this.

Why Gel?

Bird Free stimulates pigeons’ sight, smell, and touch. Birds avoid these three stimuli. This modifies the bird’s behaviour and eliminates the pigeon problem. Bird Free is unique among pigeon repellents because of this.

Sight Bird Free’s gel contains highlighter-colored pyranine. This fluoresces under UV light, making the bird repellent gel sparkle. Invisible to humans, the UV light provides an impression on the bird comparable to shimmering fire, forcing it to avoid Bird Free repelling surfaces. Bird Free causes quick avoidance.


Peppermint oil is a well-known bird repellent. Studies reveal that peppermint derivatives’ menthol repels birds by acting on their olfactory and trigeminal nerve endings in the nose, mouth, and eyes. (Trigeminal and olfactory nerves are connected.) It transmits face feelings to the CNS. The scent and pungency of menthol generates an aversion response in the bird’s olfactory and trigeminal systems, making it ideal for pigeon proofing.

Visual-olfactory synergy

Visual and smell stimulation work together to warn the bird away. Birds quickly avoid repellent-treated surfaces.


Nesting birds will often try to return to the nesting place immediately after Bird Free has been sprayed, touching the sticky gel. High-viscosity gel protects the bird. Birds loathe gel because it sticks to their feathers. It kills pigeons.

How Effective is It?

Just recently an Academic school complained about pigeon infestation and were seeking a way to get rid of it. Coming across this product they made the smart decision to let a professional pigeon control London to carry the job. Having someone with the expertise, knowledge, and experience in dealing with pigeon control ensures the safety of others and minimizes any possible risks involved. 

The school had a serious problem with pigeons and by professionally carrying out the installation of this product plus cleaning all the pigeon mess and fouling. The academy was extremely happy with the work done and as a result of this, they asked us to carry out extra work on the school building. Ultimately, this resulted in the school being free of Pigeon infestation and no need for DIY pigeon control methods.

Remember to Take Safety Precautions

Pigeons do not care where they defecate, therefore if there is a huge number of them in or around your building, this could become a problem. Pigeons are notorious for this behaviour. If you have to pick up droppings or come into touch with droppings in any other way, protecting yourself against infection by wearing protective clothing is important.

Always remember to wash your hands well and wipe any exposed skin with an antibacterial soap before drinking anything or bringing your hands anywhere near your mouth. In a similar line, you should wash your hands after touching birds or feeding them if you’ve been doing either of those things.

People with compromised immune systems, such as those affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer, are strongly discouraged against picking up faeces. Picking up faeces can spread disease.

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