3 Simple Methods to Add Text and Graphics to Your Videos

Videos do not merely rely on moving images and sound. In fact, you need text and other graphics to make it more attention-grabbing. Thankfully, you can rely on an online video editorto add fonts and animated graphics to your work. You can learn more by checking out this website. Remember, with so much competition waiting to steal your audience, you need to stand out.

Firstly, graphics make your work more eye-catching and compelling. Secondly, adding selected keyword texts to your videos works extremely well for getting your messages across. Most of all, both essential touches assure that there is no misunderstanding. With an online video editor, you can swiftly and easily incorporate graphics and text into your videos. Hence, get started by checking out the simple methods below.

Examples of What Text and Graphic Touches To Add

Whether you intend to release a video post on social media, use it for your website, or showcase the clip for a special event, you need both elements. With text and graphics, you can get your message across better. Besides, videos the incorporate these visual embellishments prove to be more engaging.

Apart from the usual title page in the intro and outro credits, you can use your online video editorto add subtitles. Furthermore, you can add a discrete graphic watermark for copyright protection. You can also add the following touches all throughout the body of your video:

  • Thought bubbles
  • Graphic stickers
  • Quotes
  • Tips
  • Your own words

Simple Steps to Easily Add Text or Graphics to Videos

If you don’t know what to do with all the photo and video footage in your phone library, it is time to sign up for a free online video editor. Innovators built this digital solution to make your life easy. Therefore, even if you don’t have any background in video production or editing, you can easily manage the simple dashboard and toolbar.

Moreover, you will enjoy using this tool because it’s as if you have a bunch of expert designers back you up. With this as your ally, you can produce and distribute professional-looking videos without breaking the bank. Take a look at the seamless steps below to get started:

Step 1: Upload images and footage

With an online video editor, you can upload files from your USB, computer, phone, Facebook account, or even Google Drive. If you don’t find anything satisfactory, you can use royalty-free images or video clips from the library. From there, drag and drop your files to a template or customize them from scratch. Once you place the files in your video timeline, you can do the following:

  • Scale
  • Crop
  • Reposition
  • Re-organize

After tweaking your videos, don’t forget to leave room for both your chosen graphics and text to stand out. You may need to position the subjects in your images and footage off-center. The extra space is where you can place the text and graphics. You can choose to leave space below, beside, or above the subjects.

Step 2: Add chosen graphics and text to clips and photos

Make your story more meaningful by adding text directly to your video with an online video editor. If you use a pre-designed template, you can use the existing text. Make it your inspiration or jump-off point. If you’re building from scratch, just drag the text box anywhere in the frame. Choose the best style that matches the theme.

For best results, try different styles of text. You can even pick from different animations to make everything look more appealing. Moreover, you can try varied backgrounds for your words or graphics. This helps to make them stand out. Just check the settings tab so you can explore your various options.

Step 3: Personalize your text and graphics

You can add your own personal spin to the text and graphics by customizing them. Your online video editor design settings will allow you to tweak the following:

  • Colors
  • Size
  • Font type
  • Effects

From there, preview the video to see if it works. Before you render the completed output, preview your work. Ensure that there is ample time for each block of text. After all, you want to make sure the audience can see and understands it well.

When you’ve finished conducting the final run-through, you can render and export the video. Later, you can share it directly on social media with a click of a button. However, you can also choose to download it for playing in-store, embedding your site, attaching to an article, and the like.

Make Messages More Powerful With Text and Graphic Touches

More importantly, you must never assume that your audience consumes your videos with the sound on. On social media, most videos play on the newsfeed with the sound off. That’s just the way things are set.

Moreover, by adding text and graphic stickers, you can ensure your message is not lost, even for those viewing on mute. When you add text and graphic elements with your online video maker, you can expect the following:

1.   Expand Reach and Increase Followers

Since today’s modern people spend most of their time hanging out on social media, you must ensure that your videos have text. Thus, you can assure better accessibility even when things are muted. With interesting topics, you can spark curiosity and increase engagement even if there’s no sound.

2.   Create More Compelling Videos

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Hence, moving images say a lot more. Besides, when you add text and graphic touches into the mix, you can express yourself better. You create powerful videos that show and say what you want in the exact manner you want it told.

3.   Boosts Branding and Awareness

When you use an online video editor, you can utilize custom colors, fonts, and animated graphics that reflect your brand. You can consistently include these touches in all your videos to make your brand easy to recognize. With a unified theme, there’s better brand awareness and recall.

The Final Wrap Up On Online Video Editor

In conclusion, adding text and graphic elements to your videos is crucial for success. If you don’t want to get left behind by your competitors, start incorporating them now in your video content strategy. You can use an online video editorto readily add them. And for best results, upgrade to a professional tier to unlock more features that make personalization more feasible and fun.

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