4 animals you didn’t know you desperately wanted as a pet!

I hope that you’ve at least experienced the joy of having a pet at some point in your life. Whether it was having either an obnoxious cat or a clingy dog or maybe just some dumb fish who swam in circles there is just something so special about pets. Having a pet that you can just bond with and enjoy is like getting a Jackpot Capital Bonus. You can live life without it but do you really want to?

You’ve probably at least met someone with one of those pets mentioned just above whether it be your friend’s house pet, a stray you met on the street, or simply a fish tank at some doctor’s office waiting room. Of course, you might also have met someone with some more exotic pets or might have even owned some of those more special unique pets yourself.

I’m talking about having little rolly polly Gerbils, squeaky hamsters, or even annoyingly loud birds. These are quite a bit more uncommon pets but that doesn’t make them very rare. What about those adorable animals that you didn’t even know you wanted as a pet until you read about them here?

That’s what I’m going to be going on about here. The more unique animals. The ones that you might’ve walked past in a pet store without really knowing what they were or even animals which (horribly sad, I know) you can’t actually have as pets but you really really wish you could.

I want you to know though that just because I’m showing these off doesn’t mean I’m telling you to run out and pick one of these up from a pet store. A lot, if not most, of these animals, require a lot of care to take care of. They’re expensive and time-consuming to manage and also require a lot of knowledge about them to not harm them or mess it up.

I greatly suggest that you research any of these animals considerably before thinking about buying or taking care of one.

Bearded Dragons

Just to get the disappointment out of the way first, the bearded dragon is not actually a dragon. I’m sorry. It’s a type of lizard. One that simply looks like it has a beard made of scales. It’s pretty cool.

While they might not be an actual dragon who doesn’t want a big lizard as a pet?? They’re omnivores which means you don’t need to make an insect farm which many would rather not do or have to buy relatively expensive pre-dead bugs.

By themselves, bearded dragons don’t do that much. They mostly sit around and just chill. Which is pretty interesting just by itself. Or maybe that’s just me.

Like a lot of creatures that have been bred for being pets, there are lots of different varieties of bearded dragons. You can get literally see-through ones, you can see their heart beating inside of them. You can get ones that are completely scaleless, ones that are multiple times as big as a normal one, and a whole bunch more.

Whether or not you ethically agree with the breeding of animals for better pets is something you’re going to have to figure out by yourself, I’m just here to talk about cool animals.


Ferrets are like long tube cats but with the curiosity of a fox or a dog. They’re adorable. I mean their original name before being renamed to ferrets was Polecat. They’re like if a cat was squeezed out of a toothpaste tube. It’s amazing.

They’re incredibly social animals like cats and dogs. Most ferrets also love taking walks. And I wouldn’t believe you if you saw a picture of a ferret and didn’t wish at least a little bit that you could take one for a walk. To add to that, ferrets can easily be trained to use a litter box. So you don’t even need to walk them whenever they need to use the bathroom, just when you walk to walk with a ferret!

Also, they sleep between fourteen to eighteen hours a day. I don’t know about you but I think a sleeping ferret is one of the greatest things. While they’re great pets in the way of being adorable ferrets require quite a lot of care, especially when they’re younger.

They really have to be trained to trust humans and how to behave. If you don’t know how to train ferrets they can easily become aggressive territorial rodents. Please make sure you learn more about them before deciding to get one as a pet.


Frogs. Frogs are amazing. I mean just look at them. Who wouldn’t want a frog as a pet? I certainly would. Out of everything on this list they’re easily the easiest to take care of. I mean they’re frogs. They don’t need much, they just exist to bring some people great joy in life.

Frogs just need a tank, some plants, and some food and they’ll live happily. They don’t produce much in the ways of waste so they can go a bit without you needing to clean their tank. On top of that, there are so many different types of frogs. Even if there is one frog you don’t like there are surely many more that might pique your interest.

Another thing, did you know that there are some herbivorous frogs? So you don’t even need to worry about feeding them bugs. They’ll just eat fruits and chill.

Frogs don’t even need a water bowl, just a thing for them to swim in. Frogs don’t drink water, they absorb it through their skin via osmosis!

I don’t know why but I really hope you’re as interested in frogs by that fact as I am. If you’re not then at least you learned something hopefully new today, congratulations.


This one might be the strangest one out of the entire list but I firmly believe in it. Ants are an underappreciated animal and possible pet.

When you think of ants you probably only think of the nuisance and menace that plagues kitchens but ants are so much more than that. They build amazing advanced structures and massive networks of intertwining tunnels. They also have complex social systems. There are way more to ants than most people bother to realize. I really think they can be amazing pets

Just like some of the other things mentioned there are so many types of ants out there that you’ll never run out of species to be amazed by. There are ants that build rafts out of their bodies to float in water, ants that can launch themselves multiple meters through the air by slamming their mouths shut and so much more.

There’s also something so amazingly enjoyable about just sitting and watching ants be ants. Drop a bit of food in and you can watch them find it, secure it, kill it if it’s alive and then start harvesting it while setting up a complex highway for transporting it all back to their main nest.

Did you know that ants have highways with efficient lane systems? There is so much more to these bugs than most people give them credit for. I highly recommend at least looking into ants because they are definitely a species that deserves it.

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