4 Products That Require a Reefer Trailer

A reefer trailer, also known as a refrigerated trailer, is essential for some types of cargo. Some items simply would not make it to their destination intact without temperature regulation. This will cover four types of products that need a reefer trailer. Not using the right trailer could prove hazardous and could also waste both time and money.

Produce and Meat

This is the most obvious product type that needs temperature regulation. While you could argue that produce can make a short trip without a reefer trailer, longer trips across state lines definitely require a reefer trailer for safe transportation. Meat always needs to be refrigerated regardless of the distance. According to the experts at Hale Trailer, “reefer trailers are ideal for shipping any sort of product or material that needs to be refrigerated for long periods like produce and frozen foods.”

If you’re transporting these items, then do yourself a favor and pick the right trailer. Check out one of the new reefer trailers for sale so that you can properly transport food items.

Medical Equipment

Many medical supplies, medications and vaccines require refrigeration to ensure they remain viable for hospitals and medical offices. Failing to use the right trailer can lead to spoilage and it may even be dangerous. There are even many medical devices that must be temperature regulated to ensure they work properly. If you’re in doubt, then be sure to ask and see if the equipment or medication needs to be refrigerated.

Using a reefer trailer ensures the equipment and supplies safely arrive at their destination.


This is another category where some materials require refrigeration. For example, blood products need to be temperature regulated to ensure they are safe to use with patients. There are also many chemicals that must be kept at specific temperatures to ensure they don’t become volatile and remain viable for use. Be sure to consider a reefer trailer if you are transporting biohazards, especially if the products are meant to be used with patients.

Having a reefer trailer ready ensures that you can transport specialized cargo like this at any time.

Photograph Supplies and Chemicals

While digital photography has certainly become more popular, there are still many stores and businesses that do photo developing from film rolls. This requires specific chemicals that must be temperature regulated. Failing to do so will render the chemicals useless. There are also many photographic supplies that must be kept at a specific temperature to ensure they are useful.

If you are delivering supplies to a photo development studio or similar business, then be sure to consider this before loading up the cargo. Failing to use the right trailer can lead to chemicals no longer working and you losing a customer.


Reefer trailers are essential when transporting anything that requires temperature control. There are many products that will spoil or become unviable if they go above a certain temperature. Be sure to have a reefer trailer ready so that you can confidently and appropriately transport these products.

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