4 Reasons Why Some People Fall Sick Often

Do you take time off work frequently due to sickness? Does your body give up too often under the slightest inconveniences? If the answers are affirmative, there’s a high chancethat your immune system is weak. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), since 2019, about 60% of US adults had at least one chronic or long-term disease. Besides, 40% have two or more. Getting sick frequently can be uncomfortable and disturbing. It also has the potential to cause more severe health consequences over time.

However, determining the causes of frequent diseases and treating them is critical. Some people think that being sick is normaland fail to understand the reasons. You may become ill regularly if your immune system is malfunctioning. It is because the body cannot fight against germs, such as bacteria and other pathogens. When an infection occurs, it may take longer than usual to recover. It is possible to contract another disease during this period, resulting in a persistent illness. As a result, you need to find out what is making you sick all the time. 

Below we will help you understand why you may be falling sick too often;

  1. Too Much Stress

We juggle with stressful situations at work and home almost every day. Chronic stress can affect your body, make you ill, and reduce your body’s natural immune response. Many people do not realize that chronic stress can affect their mental well-being in the long-run. It is why healthcare professionals possessing online healthcare degreesadvise people to look after their mental health and not just physical health.In today’s era, being mindful of one’s mental health is not common; that is why there is a rise in mental issues worldwide.

A recent example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing and isolation led to a rise in mental issues. Undeniably, people who face stress and remain anxious are usually ill and do not remain physically well. Your mental health is directly related to your physical well-being.

  • Improper Diet

A well-balanced diet is not only crucial to maintaining proper weight but is also essential to your health. If you don’t follow a healthy diet, your body cannot function at its finest. Poor nutrition also increases the chance of various diseases; that is why you might always feel sick. Your body requires proper nutrition that consists of nutrients, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. 

However, every age group has different nutritional needs as calorie count differs from age. Consume whole grains as much as possible, choose low-fat protein instead of high-fat protein, and eat various vegetables and fruits every day.Additionally, limit the amount of fat, sodium, and sugars you consume every day. The nutrients of the food form the basis of the structure, function, and integrity of cells in your body.From the immune system and the digestive system to bone, skin, and hair, it plays a critical role in nourishing them all. Thus, an unhealthy diet can be a leading cause of falling sick frequently.

  • Dehydration

All the tissues and organs in our body depend on water. Even if your body consists of 70 percent water, you lose fluids through urination and sweat. Dehydration happens when you do not adequately replace the lost liquids. Light to moderate dehydration symptoms can be confused with general pain, headache, fatigue, and constipation. Acute and chronic dehydration can be dangerous and potentially deadly, and symptoms include low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and sweating. The treatment is simple: drink water throughout the day, especially while exercising. However, instead of just consuming water, opt for juices or food rich in water, such as cucumbers.

  • Disturbances of the immune system

Disorders of the immune system arise when your immune system does not fight against antigens, such as bacteria, fungi, or pathogens. You may fall sick regularly if your immune system is not robust. It is because the body is not able to fight against germs, such as viruses, correctly. Any sickness affecting the immune system will need treatment, and this generally involves different types of medicines. In a healthy body, an invasive antigen comes into contact with antibodies. Antibodies are the pure form of proteins that kill toxic substances in your body.

However, some people have an immune system that does not work as well as it should. Their immune system is incapable of producing valuable antibodies to prevent the disease. However, ensuring a robust immune system is not difficult. You can do it merely by maintaining a healthy diet, ensuring proper sleep, exercising, and keeping the air clean. Try to avoid high sugar foods and drinks and consume fruits, ginger, and almonds as much as you can.

Final Thought

We often focus on physical appearance and on maintaining our weight while neglecting internal health. In many cases, the illness can be due to various causes, including stress and sleep deprivation. Some lifestyle and diet changes can help you reduce the chances of falling sick. It includes an increased amount of fiber and zinc, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. 

If you realize that you are constantly ill, look carefully at your habits and surroundings; the cause may be right in front of you. The best way to build a healthy body and reduce the incidence of sickness is to eat well, drink plenty of water and make sure to have a relaxing sleep every night.

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