5 Career Options for People Who Are Self-Starters

Many people get frustrated at work because they are always waiting for approval from higher-ups. They often feel as though they do not have the freedom to make decisions for themselves. If you want to make all your own rules and not have to listen to anyone else, you should consider going into one of the following careers.

1.    Contracting

Contracting is a fantastic hands-on job that will allow you to set your schedule and select your clients. As a contractor, instead of being trapped behind a desk, you will have an active job that will allow you to explore a new job site with each project.

Becoming a contractor does not require much formal schooling, but you must be aware that licensing varies from state to state. For instance, the work that goes into obtaining a Nevada contractor license versus a Maine contractor license may differ.

2.    Blogging

Blogging affords you immense flexibility because you can blog about whatever you like, and you can set whatever hours fit with your schedule. Blogging is also a career that can be engaged in anywhere. The only urgent requirement is that you have a reliable internet connection. This feature makes blogging particularly attractive to people who want to travel regularly or work from home.

You should be aware that it can take a while to build up a following on your blog before seeing a monetary reward. However, if you are patient and willing to put in the effort, blogging can be lucrative.

3.    Teaching Extracurricular Activities

While teaching in the classroom is mostly structured, teaching extracurricular activities like drama or music can be more flexible. You could teach at an after-school program affiliated with a school or open your own studio and set all your own hours. If you cannot afford your own space, you could consider being a traveling teacher and visiting your students’ homes to teach them there.

Teaching can allow you to make money while still pursuing something you are passionate about. For instance, if you love the piano, becoming a piano teacher will allow you to practice your craft, help others discover a love of piano, and support yourself.

4.    Event Planning

If you want each day to be different, you might want to try your hand at event planning. Each new event offers its own set of challenges that the event planner must work diligently to overcome. Depending on your expertise, you may end up working on everything from birthday parties to weddings to corporate retreats. This career gives people a tremendous sense of accomplishment after each successful event takes place.

5.    Translating

While translating will undoubtedly be easier if you were raised bilingual, it could still be fruitful even if you learned another language later in life. Translators can work in a variety of sectors and often can travel the world. If you want to help people understand each other, then translating may be perfect for you. There are many opportunities in this field, whether you are interested in translating written works or helping translate conversations as they happen in real-time.


Just because many people have soulless jobs in which they are chained to their cubicle and must answer to supervisors does not mean that you are relegated to the same fate. It would be best if you found something that works for you. You will be much happier if you figure out something that you are good at and that you also enjoy. With so many options out there, the odds are that eventually, you will find something that checks all the boxes. Happy job hunting!

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