5 Reasons Drumming is a Cathartic Experience

Having hobbies that help you release energy and center yourself is important. If you’re considering starting a new hobby and are looking for recommendations, drumming could be for you. This has been a human hobby for centuries and one can participate in it solo or in a group. The usage of drums to make music can help you release built-up emotions. 

Let’s dive into why drumming is cathartic, and why it can make you feel better about yourself and your surroundings. 

You Are Actively Making Music 

Making music is a wonderful way to release tension. Explaining emotions and hard situations that you’re going through is difficult with language. That’s where music and drumming come in. You can use the rhythm of the drums and whatever lyrics you want to express things that you normally can’t explain. 

The act of drumming, creating rhythms, and writing lyrics gives you space to work through more sticky feelings. You’ll feel cathartic expressing yourself with the beats of the drum. 

You Get to Define Yourself

Many people struggle with defining themselves, which brings tension into their lives. That tension is natural, since no one is born knowing who they are. The process of finding out who you are is lifelong and ever-changing. Picking up hobbies like drumming can help stabilize your mood while you go through the phases of self-discovery. 

You can look through the best snare drums and fall back on drumming whenever you’re feeling lost. Incorporating music within your life will allow you to grow. While you grow and improve on the skill of drumming that you’ve used all your life, you can define new boundaries for yourself. 

You Gain a Community

When you start drumming, you open yourself to a community of drummer individuals. If you’ve been suffering from loneliness, depression, and anxiety, among other things, drumming will help. Participating in Drum Notation, having a mentor to help you learn, and buying/sharing equipment will give you connections to other humans. 

The release of catharsis comes from being able to drum with others. You are making music in a group setting, which releases built up tension. Plus, the more drummers you meet, the more space you have to talk about difficult things with others. 

You’re Making Space to Relax

Music, for many people, is an essential part of setting the mood. When you have the right music on, you can relax your body and mind. Since drum beats reverberate close to your heart, the act of making the music can help you relax and release stress.  While some folks love putting on records, playlists, or their favorite artist, others like to make music.

If you want to make music to relax and de-stress, drumming is a foundation. Pick up a drum and create a beat. Whether you’re using drumsticks or your hands, the sounds reverberate deep in your body. 

You Become Present

When your hands or the drumsticks connect with the drum, you’re forced to be present in the moment. While master drummers seem to be lost to the world while they’re playing, they’re actually highly present. If they weren’t focused, the music wouldn’t sound as wonderful. 

When you pick up drumming as a hobby, you’re carving out time for yourself to be present. During your time playing on the drum, you have to focus on your hands, the rhythm, and your breath. 

Drumming is Therapy

If you’re looking for a hobby that helps you calm down and release emotions, consider drumming. Picking up a drum gives you space to define yourself, meet other people, and make music.

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