5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento for eCommerce

Over the years, eCommerce has grown into a formidable type of trade. In 2014, the eCommerce industry was worth at least $1.471 trillion. At the time of writing, the figure has trebled, and it keeps going higher. This article discusses some of the reasons you might want a Magento website.

1. Scalable

Whether you are a new enterprise or a new business, there is an option to begin from a small community and grow as your business stabilizes. There is a lot of work involved in upgrading, but the key point is that Magento is a platform that anyone can use and grow with.

2. Superior Support

For any business to grow, it must have solid support. Both traditional and online companies need adequate support to succeed. As such, when it comes to online business, you need to seek Magento’s critical support. Most businesses prefer Magento because it is also very easy to integrate.

In terms of security, Magento has always recorded consistent growth. An active community ensures clients get all sorts of features they need to run their businesses successfully. It is a platform that makes it easier and faster for you to run a business online.

3. Open Source

One of the main reasons many companies prefer Magento is that it is open-source. This implies that as long as you are well versed with the Magento site, you can easily leverage it to your advantage and help your business grow.

The Magento Community Edition (CE) is 100% free, which means users are free to install any version of Magento. Also, if you are an expert, you can easily speed magento ecommerce development up the overall performance of your Magento to suit the nature of your business. Even as you plan to do the installation, you should take a look at the extensive features that Magento comes with.

4. Can build multiple stores in one site setup

Magento is one platform that supports multiple stores. It has multiple steps to help you do this without breaking a sweat. Each store can be set in a way that it has its own product catalogue to reduce the chances of users getting confused. Multitasking means you will save time and get everything done at the end of the day.

5. SEO Friendly

Magento is a perfect platform if you are looking for something that you can use for SEO and online marketing. SEO has become an important tool that all businesses need to succeed in the digital space. It can be configured to match and comply with SEO best practices. Users can structure XML sitemaps, Meta tags, noindex, and nofollow. All these can be done without having to interfere with the natural functionality of the platform.

Final Thoughts

Through the years, Magento has received a lot of attention from merchants worldwide. Most developers also love it because it comes with a lot of flexibility that can be used to achieve a lot of things. Best of all, Magento comes with an array of features that you can use to keep your eCommerce ahead of key rivals in the market.

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