5 Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life 

Given the choice, most people would take the opportunity to find a quick and easy way to spice up their sex life. Most of whom are clearly unaware of the fact that taking things to the next level in the bedroom (and elsewhere) can indeed be a walk in the park.

In this instance, we’re talking about free and easy single men looking to get more out of their sexual encounters in general. Singledom brings the freedom to do pretty much what you want with whom you want, so it makes sense to take full advantage.

Whether you plan on playing the field long-term or have every intention of settling down in the near future, here’s how to get more out of your sex life starting right now:

1.  Get in Shape

It is practically impossible to enjoy a rich and fulfilling sex life if you are out of shape. Getting fit and healthy for the sake of your sex life isn’t only about looking good. It’s also about building the kind of strength and stamina needed to perform at your best. Not to mention, arm yourself with the kind of confidence that naturally translates to a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

Showing yourself some love on a regular basis (by way of workouts and gym visits) really can hold the key to a more lavish love life. It takes time and effort to get in good shape, but the rewards of doing so make the whole thing worthwhile.

2.  Try Virtual Sex

The sheer scope of virtual sex services currently available online is no less than remarkable. Sex video chat in particular is proving hugely popular, giving men of all ages the opportunity to enjoy ‘virtual dates’ on demand. Best of all, virtual sex online isn’t only about getting your rocks off.

Hooking up with webcam models on a regular basis can be a fantastic way to get your real-life game in order. You’ll pick up a world of invaluable tips and tricks, you’ll be able to ask the girls you hook up with what women really want, and you’ll be able to experiment to your heart’s content with the kind of stuff you might be too shy to do in the real world.

3.  Try Something New

On that note, one of the best ways to transform your sex life is to try pushing yourself slightly beyond your normal comfort zone. This means trying something you’ve never tried before but may have been curious about from time to time.  Exactly how far out of your comfort zone you go is up to you, but experimenting with pinks holds the key to explosive sexual satisfaction.

The simple fact of the matter is that unless you try it out for yourself, you’ll never know. There’s a good chance you’re way kinkier than you think you are – you’ve just never taken the time to find out.  From leather and lace to whips and chains to the sort of stuff people simply don’t discuss outside the bedroom, it’s all there waiting to be discovered…and enjoyed.

4.  Get Some Sex Toys

It really is time to stop looking at sex toys as a female-only pleasure. The market for male sex toys has been growing much faster over recent years that the conventional sex toy market. Irrespective of how elaborate or vanilla you like your sex, there’s a whole world of weird and wonderful gadgets up for grabs to enhance the experience.

Butt plugs, anal beads, pocket pussies, male vibrators – why should women have all the solo fun? You can even pick up devices designed to be controlled over long distances by someone else, paving the way for the most incredible long-distance, not-so-virtual sex encounters imaginable.

5.  Experiment with New Positions

Another super-simple way to get more out of the sex you have is to change things up with some creative positions.  This is again where virtual dates with cam girls can help – the perfect place to seek tuition from those who know what truly epic sex is all about. You can ask them to show you exactly what drives women crazy, and then bring it into the bedroom when the time comes.

Even just taking a look at the closest equivalent of a 21st-century Kamasutra could help steer you in the right direction. Anything that paves the way for a sex life that goes beyond boring missionary and gives you the chance to flex your new healthy and toned figure (see point one).

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