6 best male fantasies – different ways to enjoy sex

male fantasies

Fantasizing is a simple process that everyone can try. We have all fantasized at some time, to a greater or lesser extent. Fantasizing will help you to live experiences that otherwise would not be possible, but that developing in your mind can bring you the same pleasure.


There are thousands of possible fantasies, almost as many as people but we want to tell you what are the most common erotic fantasies for them. Who knows, surely your partner has the same desire as you to fulfill their dreams. Below are 6 best male fantasies. For more information you can also read here:


If we asked you about the quintessential male sexual fantasy, which one do you think would be chosen? Indeed, having a threesome is the well-known male erotic fantasy. But we promise you there is life beyond the trio, and we are going to show you.

What does it consist of? Being the protagonist of a sexual relationship in which two other people (usually two women) participate and who in turn play with each other, is a fantasy that repeats itself in the male imagination.

Benefits: Fulfilling this fantasy will help you strengthen your ties and trust in each other. However, if you carry out this fantasy you must be cautious: communication before it happens will be key to knowing what you want to do, with whom, and how far you are willing to go.


What does it consist of? The well-known phenomenon like “cuckolding” is making its way more and more in the collective imagination, also in the form of fantasy. It consists of a permitted infidelity in which your partner will have sex with another woman or another man while you are a witness on the spot.

Benefits: As in the previous fantasy, if you dare to carry it out it will be very important that you delimit your comfort zone, since after that the relationship may not be the same again. Of course, those who have practiced it say that after the experience their relationship has been reinforced, and the passion has been revived again.


Having sex in places that do not involve the bedroom is a highly achievable fantasy and you do not have to go far to carry it out. You just have to change the place where you usually play for another one like the kitchen, the bathroom, the terrace, over the washing machine.

Carrying out this fantasy will help you get out of the monotony and connect with each other, in addition to the fact that it is very easy for you to repeat it whenever you feel like it.


What does it consist of? Another of the recurring fantasies in the erotic imaginary is the one that happens in some public place. Having sexual intercourse in public areas arouses the curiosity of the forbidden, in addition to the tension over the possibility of being discovered.

Benefits: It is a relatively simple fantasy to carry out, as long as you are not very shy, and you can transform it into something real almost at any time.


What does it consist of? In the dominant role fantasies they fantasize about mastering a submissive, ordering and enforcing their wishes to obtain their own pleasure. Or else be submissive to a mistress. You will have the other party at your mercy and you can do with it what you want (within the established security limits).


What does it consist of? Surely you have ever imagined having sex with someone you do not know, without even being part of your environment. Maybe she is a person that you come across in your day to day but with whom you have no contact. Sometimes those fantasies go further and you imagine yourself with some actor / actress or singer that you admire. Benefits: Whether with someone totally unknown or with a famous person, this type of fantasy is more difficult to realize. The worst that may happen is that they stay in your mind as fantasies to be able to enjoy them through your imagination.

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