7 Good Reason to Use Incognito Mode When You’re Browsing the Web

Ever wondered whether your browser’s incognito mode is any useful? Here are good reasons to use incognito mode when you’re browsing the internet.

Research found that one in three people (or 35%) who know about private browsing use it.

Incognito mode, for instance, hides your browser history, useful for various reasons. If you’re not sure how using incognito mode can benefit you, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the seven main reasons.

What Is Incognito Mode?

Google incognito mode is an online privacy feature that blocks your browsing history from being stored.

Normally, browsers save the URL of every website you visit and keeps the information long after you’ve closed the window.

Regular browsers also store cookies, small text files that save login details and create customized pages tailored to your online preferences. 

But when you use incognito mode Safari, all cookies are blocked so there’s no record of your local search history.

Yet, it’s important to note, your internet provider stores your browsing history. So while the incognito mode is great from hiding searches from your household, it won’t hide information from the police if they monitor their network activity from a centralized location.

What Browsers Have Incognito Mode?

Now we’ve answered “what is the incognito mode?” it’s important to cover which browsers accommodate this feature. In short: all major web browsers do. 

To use Incognito Mode on Google Chrome, open the browser and click the menu in the top right corner. Select “New Incognito Window” and browse. 

Or, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you must open an InPrivate browsing window, which has the same qualities as Google’s Incognito Mode.

First, open Explorer then select “Settings”, “Safety”, and finally “InPrivate Browsing”. You can also use the keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl+Shift+P to get surfing quicker.

And to launch private browsing in Mozilla, select the three lines at the top right and choose “New Private Window”.

Top 7 Reasons to Use Incognito Mode

There are many benefits when you go to incognito mode. Whether it’s on your personal or work computer, some web searches need to be private or you need to delet searches.

Consider these reasons, for example:

1. Using Public Computers 

Whether you’re using a computer in a public library or at work, it’s a good idea to use browser incognito mode. Almost every service or subscription needs usernames and passwords which isn’t ideal on a public computer. 

But because incognito mode deletes everything associated with a session, no personal data is saved onto the computer so you can sign in worry-free.

2. Booking Flights 

There’s a theory that flight prices increase when a route is repeatedly searched because of the cookies on your browser. This means the site wants to encourage you to book the flight before prices spike.

Even though we’re not 100% it’s true, use incognito code so it looks like it’s your first time searching. As a result, you’re outwitting potential tracking done by airlines which may save you money.

3. For Serious Business

Apart from searching the web, many flock to Google for serious research. Many people look for information about divorce, medical or psychological conditions so they may want privacy, especially on a shared computer. 

Or if you have a question you think is stupid, search in incognito mode so you don’t have to face them in your autocomplete fields or browser history.

4. Buying Gifts for Loved Ones 

If you live with other people, it’s likely you must buy them a birthday gift at some point. But there’s a risk they’ll find out about the big surprise if you swap or share devices. 

Even if your loved one isn’t intentionally searching, auto-filling browser search bars may lead them to your gift and ruin the surprise entirely. 

Instead, browse and shop in incognito mode so you needn’t worry about them discovering your gift.

5. Watching YouTube

YouTube tracks your activity so they can suggest videos based on your watched ones. This is fantastic for YouTube as they keep you watching for longer and let you discover similar content.

But if you’ve fallen into a YouTube rabbit hole and you’re watching conspiracy videos, they will bombard your home page with content that you don’t normally watch.

To avoid this, visit YouTube Incognito as it doesn’t log you in so the videos don’t affect your account.

6. Signing Into Multiple Accounts at Once

One of the best reasons to use incognito mode is if you have multiple accounts.

For instance, you can log into your work account from an incognito window while staying logged into your personal one in the regular window.

Or if your friend wants to log in to their social media account, they can log in onto an incognito window so you don’t have to log out of your account.

7. Questionable Research 

If you’re a creative writer or screenwriter and you’re researching serial killers, you’ll research questionable things like how to dispose of a body. 

Even though you’re innocent, you don’t want someone else stumbling across this in your browser history. But when you use incognito mode, there’s no evidence of your search history or cookies so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding it.

That’s Why You Should Use Incognito Mode 

Now you know the main reasons to use incognito mode. 

Incognito mode protects your password, hides any research concerning personal matters, and might potentially help you book a cheaper holiday.

Most major browsers have incognito mode so use it next time you need a little privacy. Happy surfing!

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