7 Killer Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Ceilings

When painting a house, many people focus on the walls. You pick a super and fantastic color for your sidewalls. But how often do you paint the wall over your head?

In many instances, people do not include the ceiling when planning to paint or repaint their houses. You likely find smart houses with attractive walls. However, when you look above your head, disgrace and mess are what will meet your face. A faded, rusty, and stained ceiling will be the reality on this overhead wall.

This aspect should not be your case. Always have a plan to paint the entire room, including the ceiling. While you do it, you must ensure it is perfect. Making some mistakes can be a setback to your efforts. Here are some of the killer mistakes you need to avoid when painting your ceilings:

Failing to plan

Painting a ceiling is a simple process. All you need is to get some paint and roller or bush and start the task. While this might be true, the first error you can make is failing to plan. Like other tasks, you need to have a solid plan before beginning your ceiling painting affair.

You need to have a laid down strategy of how you are going to perform the painting work. A good plan will help you allocate sufficient time, resources, and professionalism. You can decide whether to do the task yourself or let a professional painter handle it.

As well, quality planning will save you from wastage. So, regardless of the size of the ceiling, you will be painting, always have a plan for the task. 

Selecting the wrong paint

Like your walls, not every paint is perfect for the ceiling. Do not think that walking into a paint store and getting any paint is a good idea. Different paints are suitable for different surfaces.

For ceilings, you need flat paint. Such paint will stick to your ceiling and have few to zero drips. This way, you will reduce wastage and lower the time for cleaning your floor. So, do not make the mistake of settling on the wrong paints. You can consider working with a ceiling painting Calgary expert for advice on the best paint to use for your house.

Ignoring sanding

Do I need to clean my ceiling before painting it? This might be the question in your mind now. You are wondering whether it is essential to clean a ceiling or all you need is to apply a paint coat. For better results, cleaning is not optional.

The perfect way to clean a ceiling is by sanding it. Sanding helps in smoothening the ceiling surface before applying the paint. With a smooth surface, the painting affair will become simple and easy. Also, you won’t require large amounts of paint to make your ceiling outstanding. Hence, consider sanding as part of your ceiling cleaning if you desire perfect results.

Not applying the primer coat

Unlike the walls, only a few people will see the ceiling closely. The tall guys coming to your home are the only ones to notice some defects in the ceiling. For this reason, applying a primer is not necessary.

If this is your thinking, you are wrong. Primer is crucial to every part of your painting, whether painting an exterior, interior walls, or the ceiling. This layer helps in simplifying the painting task by making the surface smooth. Also, it saves your ceiling from water damages in case they occur. Hence, never ignore applying a primer on your ceiling when painting it. 

Working in a room with furniture without covering them

You are painting the ceiling with flat paint. It will not impact the furniture or floor as it has few to zero drips. As such, no need to do the tiresome task of removing the furniture from the room. Also, covering them with plastic material is not necessary.

If you can make a silly error, this is one of them. Painting your ceiling with naked furniture is unthinkable. Regardless of the paint, you are using, the furniture will get some stains.  The furniture might also pose a safety concern. They will cause many inconveniences that will affect your painting mission.

Being impatient

Impatience is another mistake that ceiling painters make. They want to apply two or three coats of paint simultaneously. Without patience, your ceiling painting task will be useless. Applying a new coat before the other dries up gives disappointing results.

What happens is that the brush or roller will stick on the previous coat. It will be impossible to move the roller or paint a new coat. This will make it hard to get the desired outcomes. So, do not be a victim of this mistake. Always allow one coat to dry before applying the next one.

Starting from the mid part 

When painting your ceiling, you can start from anywhere. A ceiling is not like a wall that requires a top-bottom painting approach. Here, you can decide to begin from the middle sideways or from the edges.

While this sounds like a perfect idea, you should never start painting a ceiling from the middle. Starting from the edges is the best way to avoid spots. You will enjoy good results when you work from edge to edge. So, pick an edge and use a brush to paint the edge between the ceiling and the walls. This way, you will have satisfying and outstanding results.

Wrapping up

In a word, painting or repainting your ceiling is an excellent way to give it a fresh impression. A painted ceiling makes your house appealing. Also, it aligns with your personality and preferences. However, when painting the ceiling, you must avoid various mistakes.

Choosing the wrong color, unplanned painting tasks, ignoring primer, and failing to clean the wall are some of such mistakes. As well, it is essential to consult a professional ceiling painter.

When carrying out your task, ensure you remove the furniture. Covering the floor with plastic material should be another priority. This way, you will enhance your safety while avoiding drips on the furniture surfaces and floor.

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