7 SEO content Ideas for Your E-commerce Company

Did you know that the number one Google search result gets about one-third of all the clicks? Boosting your SEO can increase your online traffic in a way that helps your e-commerce business succeed and thrive.

An important aspect of SEO is content marketing.

Many businesses might think that content marketing is just a matter of posting blog articles. While that’s definitely a part of it, there are a lot of different types of content you can use to help build your audience and boost your SEO.

Are you looking for content ideas for your site? Let’s dive in.

1. Build a Content Hub

Your content hub is an organized collection of different content all centering around one topic. This is a great way to increase audience engagement, help you become an authority in your niche, and increase organic search traffic.

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2. Create Topic Clusters

Topic clusters consist of a pillar page (the hub) and other pages that branch off of the hub (the spokes). This is a great way to make your site highly usable to increase the time each user spends on your site.

3. Guides and Infographics

People are inherently visual creatures. Consider making easy-to-digest guides that utilize lots of visuals or even make some infographics for your site.

4. Comparison and Review Pages

There’s no shortcut to great content. You ultimately want to put out information that’s genuinely useful to your audience. Consider creating high-quality review and comparison pages to help people make the right purchase decision at your e-commerce store.

5. How-To Videos

Lots of marketers think that video is the future of content marketing. Consider making some useful tutorial videos for your products to help people understand how what you sell will solve their problems.

6. FAQ Pages

Another SEO content idea is pages for frequently asked questions. You want your audience to be able to fully understand everything about your products and your store in order to feel certain about their purchase decision.

7. Term Glossaries

Does your e-commerce store involve an industry that is technical or full of relatively unknown terms to the regular jo-shmo? If so, consider building a glossary of terms. This is a great marketing idea for any e-commerce store that wants to boost online traffic and keep its audience on the site longer. It also helps to build authority in your niche.

Creative Content Ideas Can Help You Grow Your Business

Whether you hire an SEO agency or you take care of your own SEO, there are a lot of creative marketing ideas that you can use when it comes to online content. Whether you want to boost online traffic, increase sales, or make yourself an authority in your industry, utilizing these different content ideas can help you realize your goals.

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