7 Shows to See When In London

The theaters have reopened and everyone’s itching to go out and socialize again. The theater is a welcome change of pace after years of reruns on Netflix, and we’re dying to see what the best theaters have in store for us.

London has some of the best theaters in the world, and they’ve had a long time to think about how they want to come back to life. In 2022, London will host a slew of must-see theatrical productions.

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The Glow

With the Lovecraftian “Pomona” and the brain-melting sci-fi “X,” Alistair McDowall discovered a rich, dark seam of magical realism (or surrealism) that he has mined ever since. The follow-up to “The Glow” sounds like it’ll go along the same route as the previous album did.

A Number

“A Number,” the chillingly prescient cloning thriller directed by Caryl Churchill in 2000, has been re-released. Salter is played by Lennie James, while Paapa Essiedu plays the clones in this production.

Wuthering Heights

Even before bonkers performance artist Lucy McCormick was cast in the lead role of doomed anti-heroine Catherine, with Ash Hunter in the part of her brooding soulmate Heathcliff, the prospect of whimsical auteur Emma Rice directing Emily Bronte’s darkly elemental romance “Wuthering Heights” was compelling enough.

Expect the show to be a quirky treasure, which is a co-production with Rice’s Wise Children organization and has been delayed by the pandemic by a couple of years. And, considering Rice’s propensity for including pop music in her performances, it’d be impossible to predict that she’d have that Kate Bush tune.

The Collaboration

In 1984, an aging Andy Warhol, who had long since reached the pinnacle of his stardom, persuaded young sensation, Jean-Michel Basquiat, to work with him on a project.

The Collaboration, a new play by New Zealand playwright Anthony McCarten, imagines them working together in a New York workshop. Paul Bettany portrays Andy Warhol, and Jeremy Pope portrays Jean-Michel Basquiat.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Broadway premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation of Harper Lee’s civil rights classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” was a smash hit. The West End premiere of Bartlett Sher’s production was initially scheduled for 2020, but it finally opened one pandemic later under the direction of Sonia Friedman Productions. Rafe Spall will play Atticus Finch, a conscientious white Southern attorney, in the film, taking over for Rhys Ifans, who had been previously cast.


Daniel Fish’s stripped-down, smolderingly intense, and radically inclusive new version of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic, colloquially known as “Sexy Oklahoma,” swept Broadway in 2019 and would’ve arrived in the UK much sooner if it hadn’t been for you-know-interference.

Who’s The semi-immersive US production featured numerous innovations, not the least of which was the serving of chili and cornbread to the audience during intermission. However, the most daring innovation is its darker reimagining of the love triangle between farm girl Laurey Williams and her two suitors, cowboy Curly McLain and farmhand Jud Fry, in the show’s second half. The casting for the United Kingdom is still to be determined.

The Seagull

“The Seagull” takes to the air once more! Emilia Clarke made her West End debut in the Jamie Lloyd Company’s 2020 production of Chekhov’s classic, which opened in previews before being shut down by the pandemic the week before its premiere. Now it’s back, with an entire organization under the leadership of Clarke.

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