7 Things Every Virtual Assistant Should Have

Virtual assistants are the future of multiple industries, from customer service to healthcare. They can do various tasks, from answering simple questions to scheduling meetings and even making phone calls.

Additionally, virtual assistants are not just for the office anymore. They can help you with your personal life as well, such as by scheduling your appointments, making dinner reservations, and sending gifts to friends and family on your behalf.

If you’re starting as a freelance virtual assistant, you’ll need a few things to make sure you have to make your work run smoother.

1. Reliable Laptop or Computer

Most of the tasks you’ll be assigned will need you to have a quality laptop or computer that can handle anything. You’ll have difficulty getting your work done if it’s slow or lagging.

Generally, you can choose from a wide range of options that fit your needs and job requirements, whatever your budget. For example, if you’ll be handling graphics designing, you’ll need one that’s fast and has the technical features to handle the various tasks you’ll work on. This will differ for writers and other less technical jobs.

2. Steady Wi-Fi Connection

It doesn’t matter how much equipment you have on your hands; if your internet connection is flaky, you won’t get any work done. Working from home makes it even more important since your employers will need to get in touch with you while you work.

Make sure you subscribe to an internet service with fast speed (three to five Mbps will do) so that you’re always available and dependable to your clients.

3. Microphone-Equipped Headset

Most employers might schedule calls often to collaborate on tasks, and a pair of good-quality headsets will go a long way in making communication easier.

If you can get your hands on a noise-canceling pair like Simply Headsets, that’ll be even better, especially when you’re going through your onboarding and coaching process.

4. A Work Phone

Ideally, you might have to consider getting a separate work phone when you’re a virtual assistant. You’ll need to get in touch with clients often, and if you’re working from your personal phone, it’s easy to get distracted by social media and other things.

5. Task Management Apps

Whether you’re only working with one client or handling multiple accounts at once, you’ll benefit from having a task management app to keep you on track. That way, you can efficiently delegate or organize and time your assigned tasks.

There are multiple applications and software available to meet various needs. So whether you want a collaborative space or a platform for organizing your tasks, you can find what you need. Also, consider getting an official communication platform you can use to track your communication with your clients.

6. Comfortable Workspace

Make sure you have a comfortable chair and a stable work surface to work from. If you are working long hours, you don’t want to be bent over an uncomfortable table. Keep it as organized and clutter-free as possible to maintain maximum focus.

Your chair should be comfortable enough to keep you productive and support your back to prevent injuries and strains.

7. Backup Storage

Whether you opt for a hard drive, cloud storage, or both, ensure all your documents and files are backed up. You’ll likely be handling large documents with the space and capacity to contain all your work.


However you came across the world of virtual assistants, we hope our article helped you discover the tools you’ll need to gather as a beginner or established VA. Remember to keep yourself organized and updated; after all, if you can’t manage yourself, how will you help your client keep up with everything they need to do!



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