8 Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Brisbane

Teeth are the hardest substance in the body; just like bones, they are white and contain calcium. However, unlike bones, teeth cannot heal themselves or grow back after being damaged. As a result, dentists cannot replace a tooth lost to decay, infections, or other mishaps. In addition, missing tooth leads to compromised structural functionality and poor aesthetics. 

Once a tooth is gone, it is imperative to replace it to prevent further structural damage, restore its functionality, and improve dental aesthetics. Dental implants are done to replace the tooth roots and provide a strong foundation for the crown, closely resembling the original tooth. However, the benefits of dental implants Brisbane go beyond aesthetics. This post will discuss five benefits of getting dental implants.  

1.  Enhances the Smile Aesthetics 

Dental implants closely resemble original teeth both in looks and in function. The dentist works in tandem with the patient to design the implant similar to the original teeth and fits seamlessly in the gap. It is not easy even for close family members to spot the difference between the original teeth and the implant. 

2. Improved Speech 

Teeth are essential for clear speech; ill-fitting dentures and missing teeth could lead to lisping or mumbling. Dental implants are tightly fixed to the jaw; hence, problems like lisping and mumbling do not happen. The patient feels more confident that the dentures will not fall off and can speak with confidence. 

 3. Comfort in Eating and Chewing 

Dental implants are anchored onto the jaw with titanium posts that replace the tooth’s root. The bite force of a dental implant is similar original tooth allowing the patient to enjoy all kinds of food. No other option provides the same bite force as dental implants. In addition, it is convenient to clean and maintain dental implants as compared to conventional dentures. 

 4. Restores Structural Integrity of the Mouth

A gap caused in the mouth due to the missing tooth leads to the adjacent teeth slipping into the gap, causing misalignment of the teeth. If left unattended, the problem could worsen with time. Dental Implants will fill in the gaps, provide support to the adjacent teeth, and maintain an even smile. 

5. Prevents the change in facial features 

Teeth and jaw provide support to facial structure. Loss of teeth leads to changes in facial features as the cheeks start to cave in; this change in shape and makes you look older. A dental implant provides similar support to the face like natural teeth and restores the facial features, and you continue to look younger. 

6. Do not have to worry about dental cavities 

Dental implants need to be cared for just like natural teeth to prevent the build-up of bacteria and causing infections. However, unlike natural teeth, the material used to make dental implants does not, and there are no chances of getting cavities on your dental implants. Maintaining hygiene of dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth. 

 7. Prevents erosion of jaw bone 

Because of the patient losing teeth, the bone around the lost root continues to shrink while bones in other areas stay intact. Regular use of the teeth stimulates the jawbone and helps it to maintain its mass. Dental implants give similar stimulation to the jaw like the original teeth and help it retain its mass. 

8. Prevents Embarrassment of Slippage of Dentures 

Dentures are loosely attached to the gums. This makes them prone to slippages when the patient is laughing, talking, or eating in public. Dental implants are firmly rooted in the mouth, and there are no chances of slippages. The individual wearing the dentures can freely communicate without fearing the embarrassment of slippage. 


Implants are a lasting solution to replace the missing tooth, and the benefits of dental implants go beyond cosmetics. Dental implants aid in comfortable biting and chewing, clear speech, and restoring the structural integrity of the mouth; it enhances the facial features and gives you a perfect smile. To achieve all that, search online for the All on 4 clinic near me that has a good reputation for their dental implant service.

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