A Buying Guide for a Sofa That Enlivens Your Living Space

San Diego is known for its pristine Coronado Beach and the vibrant Zoo Safari Park. On the same note, people in California’s second-largest city love their sofas that range from being conservative to wild and funky. The popular sofas in San Diego, are made in Spain with high-quality materials.

How do you find a sofa that appeals to you and strikes the right chord with the rest of your home aesthetics? These vital tips will help you find the best settee that beautifully defines the theme of your home interior.

Choose the Right Fit

The average home size in San Diego is at a stagnant value of about 2,400 square feet.

The sofa that you wish to invest in should fit your space. For instance, if you have sufficient space, you could go for a recliner sofa that is customizable in all the different positions.

Moreover, the sofa should fit you and your family members. The right way is to check the depth of the seats, choose deep or shallow seats.

Choose a Sturdy Frame

Hardwood construction like beech and kiln-dried oak is quite popular in San Diego, as they are durable and long-lasting. These are expensive options. On the other hand, more affordable alternatives are softer wood like pine.

Avoid sofa frames made of particleboard, plastic, or even metal, which will most likely warp over time.

An easy way to check the frame sturdiness is by lifting one front corner to a height of about 6 inches. The other front leg should quickly rise off the floor to prove that the frame is not weak.

Check the Joinery

San Diego has more family households, nearly 300,000 of them. Owing to their massive size, the L-shaped sectional sofas, that are best for large families, have gained popularity in this beach city.

In such sofas, the frame joints at the corners are essential details to be checked. Look for phrases like corner blocks glued and screwed, and wooden dowels. The sofas in San Diego will have these quality joins.

If you see settees with nails, staples at the joint sections, avoid them immediately.

Check for Quality Fillings

If you go sofa shopping in San Diego, you will find soft cushions with feather filling, which are the most luxurious option. However, polyurethane foam is a more conventional, durable cushion filling. If you want something that is quite sturdy, yet soft, you can try the spring down cushions.

Furthermore, experts recommend high-resilient foam wrapped in a down and feather combo. With such fillings, you can enjoy lush and plump cushions that last longer.

Select Durable Fabrics

Some of the reputed sofa stores in San Diego offer as high as 600 signature fabrics, and the most trending sofa fabrics in the beach city are linen and leather.

You can experiment with fabrics with small patterns that can hide dirt. Go for a material that will work with your lifestyle.

Since last year, the San Diego Spring Home Show, the international trade show, has been featuring a wide selection of sofas in a fun, interactive environment. It is an excellent opportunity to find the best sofa dealers in the city, from whom you can purchase a settee of your choice that blends with your home décor.

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