A Guide: Get The Best Public DNS Servers

Do you have a slow web browser, that sometimes your internet connection becomes unresponsive and inefficient? If so, this article will help you solve that dilemma. For you to have a more responsive internet browsing experience, using a free public DNS can be necessary.

DNS, which stands by Domain Name System, is a computer and internet system that converts domain names that you write on your web browser. It changes into IP addresses that are required to open specific websites. 

Internet service providers typically assign a DNS server for you whenever you want to access the internet using your computers, smartphone, or other mobile devices. However, they do not guarantee that it is the best-quality DNS. There are tons of DNS servers that you can find online that are better than the DNS provided by your ISPs, and here are some of the best you can get. 

Google Public DNS

While this may not be a very well-know fact, Google actually has one of the best DNS servers in the world. Google has developed tons of handy tools and technology that have made our lives easier, especially in surfing the internet. With Google having one of the best DNS servers, and it is simple to use by anyone. It is also 100% free, and it is the best option for your ISP’s DNS servers.

For those who have more experience using Google’s DNS servers, you can read a section in Google’s Privacy Policy, where it shows service logs with accurate information. Google’s support system will only provide support for experienced users. If you think you are not sure what you need to do for DNS servers, you can watch videos online.


OpenDNS was created and launched to the public in 2005. This DNS server is owned by Cisco, and it is one of the largest and most popular brands of DNS public servers. This DNS server can be used for free, and it has all the best advantages that a user can experience. One of these is it offers parental control for children and blocks malicious sites when activated. 

Aside from that, OpenDNS protects your system by locking it down and only allowing access to authorized websites. If you have experience and knowledge about DNS servers, you can immediately configure it on your devices. It also has the most accurate and most straightforward installation guides for laptops, smartphones, routers, and tablets.


CleanBrowsing makes it to the best DNS servers because it has not just one, but three public DNS servers. You can enjoy DNS features such as filters for family, security, and adult. Keep your family, especially your kids, away from malicious websites when they access the internet and keep them safe. 

Although CleanBrowsing may be used for free, if you want to have more advanced and customized features, you can pay for the premium version and check out other CleanBrowsing plans that will fit more to your DNS server needs. 

Comodo DNS

Comodo DNS is owned and developed by none other than Comodo Group, one of the world’s best DNS server companies. Their Comodo DNS server gives high importance to user’s safety. It will notify you if there are threats, malware, spyware, or even pop-up ads on the website you are trying to access. 

If you want to secure your browsing experience, then you can purchase Comodo Dome Shield. Comodo is very proud of its DNS servers, and they highly believe that their DNS server is smarter than other DNS servers in the market. 

Alternate DNS

This DNS server is considered one of the best DNS servers in the market because it is free to use, but it is simple and easy to configure. Before you reach your network, Alternate DNS will immediately block all sorts of ads. If you want more features that will fit your entire family, you can purchase a Family Premium DNS plan.


When surfing the internet, it is always best to think about your safety and security, especially in your home. Although the internet has everything, it can also be a downside and can give a threat to your personal life. Thus, having a secured DNS server is necessary for your computers and devices. 

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