A List of the Most Brilliant Themes for a Summer Event or Party

It’s never too early to start planning a party for a particular occasion, whether it’s the birthday of someone special, a wedding or anniversary, a corporate party or event, and so on. If you’re all set on planning a summer event or party, you would know very well that planning it in advance could be a godsend, especially if you want to avoid the stress of looking for a venue or deciding on a theme at the last minute. Ideally, you should start planning an event or party at least six months in advance, particularly if you are planning a big affair with many guests. But if you’re having a summer party, it pays to have a unique theme – and we have just the answer with a list of the most brilliant themes for your summer event.

       1.      A summer barbecue

Summer barbecues are a quintessential theme for the season, and it gives you and your guests the perfect opportunity to spend a day outdoors and enjoy the sun. A barbecue tends to be more laid-back and casual than other themes, and it’s easy to plan a menu. The food will most certainly be the focus of attention, and you should lay out classic barbecue favourites, from sausages to burgers to steak and more. For appetisers, you can opt for different fruits served in bowls, and crisps are a standard as well.

     2.     A fairground day

If you would like something even more special for your event or party, you can organise a fairground day – and this is something that guests of all ages are sure to love. It’s easy to plan one too because you can rely on a fairground stall hire company to provide you with the attractions and side stalls you want, from traditional ones like coconut shy, ring toss, and hook a duck to inflatable bouncy castles, mobile climbing walls, and fun houses. If you have the budget and space for it, you can even hire rides like a carousel or Ferris wheel or set up dodgem cars or helter-skelter. One of the best aspects of fairgrounds is the food – hotdogs, popcorn, candy floss, ice cream – and it’s not as expensive.

      3.      An outdoor film night

Outdoor film nights are all the rage, as they’re also casual and relaxing – and you can do film marathons with great family movies (if kids are in tow) or blockbusters that most everyone loves. Make sure to choose a good portable projector and bring in some great speakers! But to make your outdoor film night a real success, bring in the goodies – watching a film isn’t complete without popcorn, soda, candy, and so on, and you can make it easy for the guests to grab what they want by setting up a snack bar.

      4.      A picnic with fantastic scenery

Picnics are brilliant, too, and they’re often ideal for corporate family days and anniversaries, just like fairgrounds. With a picnic, your guests can eat fresh food whilst relaxing in fantastic scenery, so make sure to choose an excellent venue. Picnic food doesn’t have to be too much of a bother, either – you can serve loaves of bread and cheese, lay out the condiments and spreads and serve pasta salads and potato salad. Tea would go great with a picnic, as would other refreshing beverages like beer and cider.

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