Advantages of Hiring a Data Centre

Sydney is one among Australia’s largest cities and is the capital of New South Wales. When people talk about Sydney, two landmarks will often be mentioned, namely: the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, these two landmarks are not the things that Sydney is famous for.

Sydney is also famous for being Australia’s largest economic contributor and contributes almost one-third of the country’s GDP, Minecraft servers. Companies that are headquartered in Sydney’s Central Business District or CBD contributed roughly $US 300 billion according to a 2017 economic report. 

As companies continue to expand, their need for data and power increases as well. Often, this increase in their needs will be a challenge for a lot of companies since they will need to have a substantial investment in both personnel and IT infrastructure for their data and online applications.

Fortunately, companies can outsource their data and power needs to a data centre in Sydney. Hiring a data centre can benefit companies since they will be able to focus more on their marketing and customer acquisition instead of dealing with IT and technological maintenance. Here are other benefits that a company can get from hiring a data centre. 

Protection Against Power Outages

Data servers that are kept onsite are more prone to broadband and power issues. A power outage as short of 1/50th of a second can trigger an IT disaster that may take as long as 15 minutes to hours to recover. Having company data in downtime may result in data and financial losses to a company. 

Companies that provide data centres are focused on making sure that their infrastructure is secured from any power issues. They will make sure there are no glitches and downtime for accessing your data and online applications that your company needs. 


When you hire the services of a data centre in Sydney, you will not have to put up a large investment in purchasing IT infrastructure and training of IT personnel that will manage your data equipment. When you hire a data centre, you will only have to pay for the amount of data storage and the facilities that your company needs. When your company needs to expand, you can inform the data centre of your additional requirements that they will need to provide for you. 

Reduced Risk

Hiring a data centre will also ensure that you are complying with any regulations on data security set by the government such as the Privacy Act of 1988 which regulates how government agencies and private organizations utilize the information that they obtained from their customers. Likewise, there is always a risk of hackers infiltrating your data system to sabotage your company. Data centres are aware of these risks and have the necessary protection and precaution to prevent breaches in your data system. 

Increase Your Focus on Core Business

When you hire a data centre provider, you will no longer have to worry about data management and IT infrastructure maintenance. You can place more focus on your core business and increase the productivity and profitability of your organization.

Hiring a reputable data centre in Sydney is a good idea for your company to be updated with any IT trends and issues related to data management. Hiring a data centre will also ensure that your company will be more focused on your core business practices.  

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