Beautiful pics of Alina Zagitova feet and legs

Alina Zagitova appears as the top and young Russian skater, and she is well-recognized for her remarkable achievement in single figure skating. Alina won the Master of Sports of Russia awards. Alina Zagitova celebrates her birthday on 18 May every year and her birth year is 2002 whereas, her birthplace is Udmurtia, located in Izhevsk. In 2018, Alina Zagitova received the crown of Olympic champion and became a World champion in 2019. Besides, she won the European champion crown in 2018 and gained Grand Prix Final champion awards. Thus, Alina became a Russian national champion in 2018. Also, in 2018, Alina Zagitova was honored with a silver medal in the Winter Olympics event, which was mainly used to represent the Olympic Athletes by the Russian team. Even though, in 2017, Alina received a gold medal in World Junior Championships.


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