Beautiful pics of Alison Sudol feet and legs

Alison Loren Sudol’s birthday comes on December 23, and Alison was born in Seattle, located in Washington spent her childhood in Los Angeles, California. Her date of birth year was 1984 and she is 35 years old now. By profession, Alison Sudol is a famous American actress and a well-known singer. Alison played her best role in the movie Fantastic Beasts film series as Queenie Goldstein. She is not only an actress, but she has done excellent in the field of music whereas, she is a great musician and the best-known author in Los Angeles. She appeared in a wide array of music performances such as Transparent and it is Golden Globe-winning Amazon hit music. She appeared in the Harry Potter sequel titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Queenie. 


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