Beautiful pics of Alka Vuica feet and legs

Alka Vuica appears as a renowned songwriter and Croatian singer. Alka Vuica’s birthday comes on June 8 every year and her date of birth year is 1961. Alka was born and grew up in Istria, Pula. At a very young age, Vuica became a song composer. Alka went to Zagreb at the age of 18, and then she met a drummer Adi Karaselimović. Alka Vuica served as a songwriter and journalist and as a songwriter in 1980, and she began working in Josipa Lisac. She composed songs for Moja Magija, Kraljica Divljine, Danas Sam Luda, Gdje Dunav Ljubi Nebo, and many more. After some years, Voice started working as a lyricist. From 2001 to 2004, Alka launched two new albums and appeared in the Nova channel for talkshow Jedan and Jedan.


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