All About Sildenafil And ED: Science Vs. Fiction

There’s no better way to put it than this: always cross-check the information you read with regards to erectile dysfunction and Sildenafil. The same is true when trying to purchase Sildenafil from online vendors. 

There are a handful of verified online platforms whose medical practitioners on-board and products marketed have been proven legitimate. And with Numan, you can click for a price for Sildenafil while setting up an appointment with any of their licensed doctors for a diagnosis, and for assistance in starting your ED treatment journey. 

Now, onto the real deal regarding Sildenafil and erectile dysfunction.

1. Sildenafil Does NOT Stop Fertilization

Viagra is NOT a kind of condom. It is NOT the male equivalent of birth control pills. Nor does it hamper or diminish any part of the process from when sperms travel from the testicles and through the seminiferous tubules, the duct system then to the accessory glands, out through the penis and into the woman’s reproductive organs. 

Said process continues normally, the way it does without the presence of Sildenafil. 

2. Empty Stomach 

This is scientific truth. It’s recommended that you take Sildenafil on an empty stomach. This has nothing to do with the medication itself. Instead, it points to how the body is less capable of strenuous physical activity when the stomach is full. 

The body tends to direct most of its energy, in terms of blood circulation, around the digestive system after having a full meal. Stable blood flow is required in the widening and narrowing of blood vessels in the digestive tract (vasodilation and vasoconstriction, correspondingly) as food is digested. 

This also applies to coitus. Keep in mind that Viagra doesn’t strengthen girth and performance during sexual intercourse. It doesn’t even cause an erection. It simply works as a means to achieve a “normal” erection after you’ve already been stimulated. 

And since blood flow is required in an erection, letting the body pour out energy in vasomotor control will leave blood transmission to the genitalia weak. 

When this happens, the lesser the effect of Sildenafil will be. The simple solution is to remind yourself not to have full meals before coitus. And really, before any strenuous activity. 

3. Expect Side Effects 

Here’s one that’s almost always a fact. Speaking in the context of a “healthy” person (someone who doesn’t have any bodily ailments, isn’t taking any medication, and whose mental health is in good shape), side effects may still occur. 

The reason behind this is that Sildenafil is mainly a blood flow regulator. Another is that it’s a muscle and blood vessel relaxer (to oversimply the definition of its function). Such blood regulators, whether as medication for erectile dysfunction or for a cardiovascular condition, will bring about side effects like nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Indigestion flushed skin, and heartburn may surface as well.

These side effects tend to waiver the further on you get in your treatment process. It’s also possible for them to emerge when switching dosages. 

However, when said side effects are frequent, and their intensity is either unchanging or is worsening, you’ll have to contact your doctor to check if the treatment itself needs to be stopped, the dosage changed, or the medication altered. 

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