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Allie Clifton appears as one of the renowned American sports journalists, and she was also a basketball player in her college. Her birthplace is Van Wert, in Ohio, located in the USA. At present, Allie is working as a host of a TV pregame in Los Angeles Lakers telecasts. Clifton was a sideline TV reporter in Fox Sports, Ohio, whereas her birthday comes on January 30, and her birth year is 1988. However, Allie Clifton was raised by parents along with her siblings named Abbie and Correy, and she was interested in sports, particularly in basketball, at a young age. Therefore, she is also known as Allie Bethany Clifton. Allie’s father also belongs to the sports field as he was a well-known baseball coach. Later, in 2013, on August 31, Allie Clifton exchanged wedding vows with a basketball coach named Jason Kalsow.


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