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Allison Chinchar’s birthday comes on April 9 April and her year of birth is 1984 whereas, she was born in Ohio, Mansfield, USA. Chinchar is one of the best-known meteorologists, and she is well-recognized as the wife of Mike Bettes, a famous storm chaser. And now, from 2007, onwards Allision has been working as a weather reporter in CNN or Cable News Network. Allison Chinchar started her career by serving a job in WTC-TV, and she also worked as a weather broadcaster and hosted some TV shows. Then, again, she started doing the job as a forecast journalist in WCMH-TV. At the same time, from 2008 to 2010 continually, Allision also held a position of WTVC-TV NewsChannel9 and worked as a producer. However, Chinchar began working in WXIA-TV as a meteorologist in the year 2012.


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