Arcade Slots vs Jackpot Slots: Which are the best?

When you play ninja jackpot slots, there are a few kinds of slot machines that you can use. Jackpot slots and arcade slots are amongst the most popular ones. They both are fun but challenging. Jackpot Slots offer huge prizes, while Arcade Slots can be very entertaining and offer interesting themes. The best way to decide which type of slots is better is to try them yourself.  Nevertheless, below you can find some information that can help you decide.

What are Jackpot Slots?

Jackpot slots are slot games that give you a chance to win life changing amounts of money. To trigger jackpots, you normally need to line up a certain amount of jackpot symbols on a payline. The symbols and how many of them you need vary for each slot game. There are a few types of jackpots available:

• Wide Progressive Jackpot – this jackpot is offered by a number of interlinked casinos.  As players in different parts of the world play the game, the prize grows. It can get so big that when someone triggers it, they can become a millionaire.

• Proprietary Progressive Jackpot – this jackpot is offered by several interconnected slot machines. A portion of wagers of all players using them are pooled into a big prize. The jackpot keeps growing until someone triggers it.

• Stand-alone jackpot – this jackpot is the smallest from all the jackpot types, but it can be won more easily. Players can often trigger it multiple times during playtime.

What are Arcade Slots?

Arcade Slots usually feature a theme based on movies, or popular computer games. Playing them requires a certain skill. That’s why they are often referred to as ‘Games of Skill’. They used to be extremely popular in the 80s but nowadays it can be difficult to find them. A few examples of popular Arcade Slots include:

• Guitar Hero

• Pacman

• Candy Crush

• Angry Birds

The main disadvantage of the Arcade Slots is that they can be difficult to understand. In addition, to knowing how slot machines work, players often have to know the rules of the game the slot is based on. Playing them can be highly entertaining but often winning depends not only on how lucky you get but also on how well you play the game.

Which are the best?

Both Jackpot Slots and Arcade Slots are fun and offer a number of interesting features. Winning at Arcade Slots is said to be very difficult, but at the same time your chances of getting a huge jackpot in Jackpot Slots are very little.

Choosing which type to play depends on what you are looking for in the slot game. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to play slot machines that offer jackpot prizes. Even though, you are not likely to trigger them, your chances are still higher than if you play a game which doesn’t offer a jackpot.

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