Are Serviced Apartments and Short term rentals worth it

The value of being at home, and hence having tastefully designed serviced apartments or short term rentals to give you the feeling of home away from home, is the motto of companies like Kasa living. Let us tell you more about serviced apartments and short term rental. Each serviced apartment is high on space, privacy, homely comfort and decked with all modern facilities that you may need. Not just that, you also have the pleasure of cooking in your own private kitchens; after all, can you even call it home if you cannot cook in it?

Comforts in a serviced apartment

With business travels and Staycations on the rise, the world’s hospitality industry is ready to cater to the needs of travellers. They provide a range of facilities. Serviced apartments use smart technologies and automation in keeping safety measures. They go for app-based check-ins avoiding keycards, and support digital checkouts. The pandemic based safety measures are also included responsibly in the package. You may find these amenities in Kasa living spaces. Their short term rentals and services apartments are available at a lot of locations like Alexandria VA, Arlington TX and VA, Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Bellevue WA, Charlotte NC, to name a few.

How does it work?

1. Browse

You search through the available listings for clean, maintained, and impeccably managed apartments as per your requirements and find the perfect one for you.

2. Book

Look for a living space provider with a seamless booking interface that guides you to the best deal to match your pocket.

3. Arrive

Once you arrive at the destination, reach the apartment, wherein the virtual help desk will have all the information you need. The app-based check-ins at Kasa living spaces help in contactless entry to the property.

4. Enjoy

The travellers are provided with 24 by 7 support, including room service, cleaning, parking space, full kitchen, full bathroom and bed linens. There is WIFI support, TV, laptop facilities, iron, AC, recliners, pools, gym, community centre, BBQ etc. The amenities are endless for you to enjoy. With all the facilities mentioned above and more, Kasa living spaces are in themselves a complete home.

Top reasons to use serviced apartments for your next trip

1. Spaciousness

2. A family space

3. Cost-effective

4. Home away home

5. Location

6. Customized experience

7. Best housekeeping

8. Great for both business and travel

Features of serviced apartments or short term rentals

Some of the companies like Kasa living spaces provide world-class features in this domain. Some of its features include pandemic related safety measures too.

1. Keyless entry and 24 hrs check-in: Arrive and depart at your convenience. No waiting in the queue.

2. Ultrafast WiFi: Free access to WiFi for business purposes and the streaming of your favourite movie.

3. Smart TV: Enjoy movies, sports, children’s stuff and news at stunning high definition.

4. Fully equipped kitchen: From cooking utensils to groceries to fridge working to its full strength. Find everything from local delicacies to easy food to get a home-cooked meal.

5. In-unit washer and dryer: Freshen up without having to leave me your apartment.

6. All the basics: Bathroom essentials, bedroom comforts, coffeemaker, hairdryers, irons, and almost all the features are available in the serviced apartments.

7. Safe and gated: The apartments are absolutely safe and gated. Even if you are the only one living, you don’t have to worry about safety as there are a lot of CCTV cameras installed.

8. Cleanliness: The linen, bathrooms, sofas, cooking utensils all are clean, and the owners of serviced apartments take pandemic level safety measures.


Serviced apartments or short-term rentals are the thing in this pandemic struck world. You don’t have to share the cramped hotel areas with other guests during eating hours or share pools or gyms. Just look for Kasa’s living space and book your accommodation now!

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