Babysitting- an ultimate guide

Babysitting is no easy task, one needs to know how to handle a child, let it be a toddler or a growing cold. It takes a lot out of a person initially to babysit but once people get a hang of it, there’s no other thing they’d rather do at that point. Keeping them occupied is a must, especially if you are a workaholic in a place like australia. There are many ways to keep your infants occupied, the most popular way is to engage them with toys, action characters and a pop vinyl in Australia. Moreover, give them constant attention, as it is a must. The list goes on and on and is quite exhausting. Although it sounds challenging, learning to babysit can be brought to perspective if explained properly. Here are a few tips to make the job easier applicable to almost all ages.

  • Respect the parents’ wishes as they know what is best for their child
  • Be punctual 
  • Organize the day (food and activities for the day)
  • Don’t let the child do what they want, be strict when required 
  • Accept criticism from the parents and ask for feedback 

These tips will help with babysitting in general but particular situations require special attention in certain cases, as there are different ways to handle them and differ with age, the type of kids, their level of energy, their level of hyperactivity, and impulsiveness, and their appetite. A few situations are mentioned below.

  1. Feeding

A proper challenge for babysitters is finding out ways to feed the child and a way to overcome this is to make the child help the process of cooking. This will both engage them and it will make the food seem more appealing to them as they have also helped in the process. 

Once finished with cooking, ask for their help to set the table, this is both a good habit and it will once again get them more prepared for their meal. For younger children make sure that they are in a safe space and avoid feeding them quickly (ask the parents for advice).

  1. Bedtime

Children at different ages sleep at different times. A general tip is to establish a routine, such as reading a bedtime story or brushing their teeth. This will condition them to get ready for bed at a certain time.

The story is different for babies. For babies watch for them to begin rubbing their eyes and then carry them on your shoulder and slowly walk around until they fall asleep. Singing a lullaby or some soft music will help them go to bed earlier

  1. Outdoor Trips

Parents love babysitters who are fun and reinforce rules at the same time. Taking a child out for a walk or picnic is a good way to entertain them and teach them how to act in public. Paying attention to them while they engage in playing with toys, beyblades, avenger cartoons and a pop vinyl in Australia, will act as a great source for their energy and would eventually tire them out, and once home they will nap, so you can work in peace too.

Before going on the trips make sure the parents are okay with it and that you organize it all, which includes food, drinks, activities, etc. This makes it easier to concentrate on the child and give them attention.

Babysitting plays its own game in the modern world as each child is different, some may have ADHD while the others may be shy or hyperactive. Every babysitter has their own USPs while they may be bad in certain aspects like having patience, but may be remarkably good at making sure the child eats and sleeps on time. Characteristics which one family likes may not be the same as what another family likes. Parents are very different and each one of them has their own parenting style, be it disciplining or teaching morals and life lessons, which all play its own game in forming their style of babysitting their child or their expectations of how their child should be babysat.

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