Deshedding may not be effectively removed while you are brushing or combing, as these focus primarily on removing hair and debris from the top layer of fur. Deshedding can help in reducing the amount of fur that your pet sheds around your home.

There are different ways used for the Deshedding. One can also find out tools for this process.


Dogs like humans need to be washed. Starting from two or three months of the dog’s life, it is possible to start thinking about taking the first bath. Washing must be expected approximately every 20 days, even if this period may differ according to the type of hair and the lifestyle of the dog.

On the market, you will be spoiled for choice; in fact, there are many types of shampoos.

First of all, you don’t need to use a product for humans since it may be too aggressive for the animal’s hair and the pH of its skin. In fact, while man has a skin pH of 5, the dog has a pH of 7, so using an individual product on a dog would mean altering the condition of his skin, causing dermatitis or hair problems.

On the market, however, there are really many shampoos for dogs of all types, designed for every kind of hair. Shampoos are also available for particular problems that the dog can present, such as dog shampoos with dermatitis.

Remember that shampoo must be a product that does not make a lot of foam, easy to rinse so that the dog does not become restless and cold.

You must leave the hair scented and shiny. Also, use a conditioner, especially recommended for long-haired or curly-haired dogs, to leave the hair softer, hydrated, and bright, the skin less irritated.

Also, human balms are not recommended, which, however delicate they may be, are, however, too aggressive for the dog. Sometimes you can find shampoo and conditioner together or separately.

Some pets shed their hair more than others, and some really don’t shed at all. Some breeds, such as poodles, do not have a bottom layer. Its coat constantly grows and sheds less, which means it needs to be trimmed periodically

When is a skinning session necessary?

When large amounts of hair begin to shed throughout the home.

•             If the daily brushing is not enough and it seems that it never ends.

•             When we are left with strands of hair in our hands when stroking it or simply playing.

•             If the hair begins to weigh down and knot, even brushing it.

•             When the color of their fur varies, turning dull, dull; his hair seems grounded, lifeless.

•             It is usually needed in times of molting and facing the summer especially, to avoid heat.

For the owners, what we recommend, is to increase the brushing times and be more thorough when doing it, so we will avoid, as far as possible, that the hair becomes caked and knots are formed and also that the house is full of balls of hair.


Brushing weekly as part of the routine can help control the amount of superfluous hair in your home. To groom your pet, first check your pet’s body well, and then inspect their skin both visually and by touch. If there are wounds, bruises, or skin conditions, see your vet.

After any tangles or knots have been removed rake or comb, use a deShedding brush and gently run it through your pet’s coat

The exclusive range of deShedding tools make it easy and safe to remove superficial fur from your pet on a regular basis. It has a curved edge that adjusts to the shape of your pet’s body for your comfort, as well as SkinGuard to slide on the skin, preventing damage or causing any discomfort to your pet.

The deShedding tool goes through the top layer to remove loose hair from the bottom mantle easily and safely, without damaging the top mantle or cutting the skin.

  Also if you have not enough time for this tehn you can take help of professional. In market one can find out Deshedding services at very reasonable rates.

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