Benefits Of Gamification In eLearning

One feature of the learning management system that has transformed the way we learn is gamification. 

Traditionally, training sessions had a reputation for being boring and monotonous. As a result, attracting the employees and keeping them engaged was a challenge that many had to overcome. 

With the introduction of gamification features such as leader boards and badges, it has become a little easier for businesses to train their workforce. Such features are perfect to nurture the competitive side of the employees and make them indulge in a friendly competition with their peers. This not only makes them reach the end of the sessions but also enjoy as they learn. 

Still not convinced to invest in gamification? Here are a few benefits of gamified LMS to help make this decision easier for you. 

  • Integrate gamification into existing programs

Gamification techniques can be integrated into your old training modules, so your company doesn’t have to start from scratch. On the other hand, you can create a training course that is based on a popular game, for example Chess or Agario game. You can simply give your existing training sessions a facelift by adding gamification features to them. This means you can have a brand new course without actually spending too much time or effort on it. 

You can add problem-solving situations, real-world examples, and a few quizzes to your current training programs. This can be rewarded with point systems or badges. There are plenty of LMS such as TalentLMS that offer basic gamification features to make your existing training sessions more interesting.

  • Keep employees motivated by using real-time rewards

You can use the gamification feature like the point system to give your employees a chance to win real-life rewards such as gift cards, discount coupons, or free meal coupons. 

This will not only be a great motivational factor for employees to complete the training but it will also make them content with winning something valuable. 

Such awards and rewards are a great way to keep your employees focused and participate in your training sessions more often. After all, instant gratification is something we all crave. 

  • Explain complex concepts easily  

You can gamify your training sessions by adding a few storytelling features to them; the features that help you emotionally connect with your employees. 

In elearning platforms, such features can be used to develop more engaging and relatable content. Content that is easier to understand. 

Some of us don’t like to read, but listening to a good story keeps us engaged and makes us want to learn more. Also, it’s much easier to retain stories than technical definitions. 

Therefore, using storytelling as your gamification touch in the training sessions can actually help you attract more employees. You can try to explain certain concepts using a story with animated videos as your visual assets. This can easily explain some complex concepts. 

You can also include other forms of multimedia such as audio, images, and plot lines to unfold your story. But don’t bombard with all the elements at once, keep it subtle!

  • Facilitate learning with instant feedback 

When you are learning, feedback is an indispensable element. It helps you understand your areas of improvement and learn more about where you stand. 

By adding gamification features to your training sessions, you give your employees a chance to receive instant feedback. How? By adding point systems, badges, or even leader boards. With every right answer, you can give them a point. This will help them understand where they need to improve. 

Using leaderboards will help your employees identify where they rank as compared to their colleagues. Just be sure that your feedback is not only instant but also realistic. 


To keep your employees engaged in learning and training, you need to give your sessions an upgrade. Leveraging gamification features offered by plenty of LMS today is perhaps the perfect solution for you. It not only helps keep your employees motivated but also is a great way to offer instant feedback, provide a basis to offer real-time rewards, and add a storytelling approach to your sessions. 

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