When a recruiter is looking for his perfect candidate, the first thing he pays attention to is your work experience and skills. Look through these sections carefully so they looked highly professional. Remember one simple rule, which is you are going to get a call from a company in that case only if you fit in their requirements. So, get acquainted with the vacancy thoughtfully before sending your resume.

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            Have you ever thought about what skills are to be mentioned and which ones are not at all? And how, by means of these skills, to prove oneself in the eyes of a recruiter so it didn’t look like a useless text in the resume? Don`t worry, we took care of it in this article.  We will look at various professional skills, which ones are relevant to you and how to correctly identify your key skills in order to describe them on your resume. We will also figure out exactly where in the resume to place this information and be sure to give a high-quality example with a description of the acquirements in the cv.

The “Skills” section gives you the opportunity to show the employer what exactly you can do now, what you learned during your studies or work in a previous job, and most importantly – to do it more clearly and quickly. Thus, the employer will be able to immediately see your basic skills that will be needed at the new place of work and which may not always be obvious from the section about your work experience.

Be honest, and provide actual examples of how you have used these skills in the past. It will help show the employer that you really got this experience and applied it in practice. So our conclusion is:

  • Mention what you definitely are experienced in;
  • Give compelling examples of them in practice.

            For example, if you are an engineer applying for a leadership position, it is not enough to simply write that you have leadership qualities. Back it up with a short description of how you ran a department, delegated tasks to your colleagues, introduced new processes, and improved the quality of the company.


There are Hard skills and Soft skills.

  • Hard skills are what we gain with experience from completing a task. It can be a mastered computer program, a programming language, a foreign language, etc.
  • Soft skills are about non-specialized qualities that help in the work process. For example, this can include such universal competencies as: communication skills, creativity, the ability to work in a team, etc.

Real-life example:

In 2019, LinkedIn conducted a study in which they analyzed 50,000 skills listed in user accounts. It turns out that the perfect candidate has an equal number of hard and soft skills, and creativity is the most in-demand.


All articles and tips say to check the written resume before sending it to the employer, and yet not everyone does this. Even if you are a master of words with 100% literacy and like to flip through Rosenthal’s dictionary in your spare moments, none of us is immune from banal typos. Read your resume in a couple of hours or days, give it to someone else to read it – for sure, in the process of writing, your eyes become blurry, and it is difficult to notice a mistake. Relax, do something else, and then return to your resume.

This is especially true of a resume that you compose in a language that is not your native one. Surely there is someone among your friends and acquaintances who speaks it well – ask him or her to read it on the subject of grammar and word choice. Do not hesitate to do this: it is better than sending the employer a resume with a bunch of mistakes and typos that he won’t even read.


Remember, finding your first job is not so scary. Everyone went through this, which means that there is nothing overwhelming about this. You just need to collect your thoughts, build for yourself a sketch plan of “attack”, prepare a cv and stock up on moral strength. Even if you did not succeed the first or the second time, it’s okay and quite normal. If you managed to find a job straight away, we can only congratulate you 🙂

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