Best Fitness Sports Trackers On The Market Right Now

During the past decade, it has been made aware to consumers the importance of fitness and how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Due to the crossover between technology and the fitness world, many of us are now looking to invest in a fitness tracker to track our progress and our sessions to see how we are getting on and improving over time and so below we look at some of our favourites and why.

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Of course, this list wouldn’t be right without mentioning the company FitBit and their Charge 4 makes it one of the best fitness trackers on the market. Although there hasn’t been must change in the design aspect of the Charge since it’s last release, the new device now has a GPS installed in it which will ensure that you can track your runs and bike rides whilst leaving your phone at home which is always a bonus. Furthermore, you can now use the Charge as a payment method and change your songs through the watch. Although it is at the cheaper end of the spectrum, it does lack to have a colour screen in which others do have.

The latest release from Apple is the Apple Watch Series 6 which sees them take incredible steps in the right direction as they now see the growing trend of fitness watches and have now further pushes their fitness hype on this watch. The new Series 6 now has a fitted ECG function it in which will track your heart quality, as well as a host of preloaded workouts for you to choose from before your workout – not only that, but its easily the best smart watch on the market overall. See a list of Apple watch alternatives on Superwatches if you are looking for other types of watches

And finally, the latest release from Garmin sees them release the Garmin Vivosmart 4 which is easily their best release to date as it is a brilliant, featured-packed device which a whole host of different options to pick from when initially purchasing. Our favourite feature about this watch is the way that it displays all your records whilst working out so you know how close you are to your target – a lovely touch.

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