Best maternity jeans in 2020

You could spend your entire pregnancy wearing leggings, so why invest in jeans? Because they are the most versatile garment of all. Casual or dress, for the office or on weekends, jeans are perfect for all occasions.

Motherhood indeed changes everything, starting with the clothes you wear. As your pregnancy progresses, especially after the second trimester, you’re likely to say goodbye to the vast majority of clothes you used to wear before you got pregnant. You’re reaching the point of despair at not knowing what to wear. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking beautiful and fashionable.

Benefits of wearing pants for pregnant women

All specialized clothes for pregnancy have multiple benefits for your health; let’s see some of the benefits of maternity pants:

• Prevents the appearance of stretch marks and favors blood circulation, since they do not press on your extremities.

• Reduces back pain, especially pants with support belts.

• They provide comfort in the waist, hip, and your bladder

• You will be able to look more professional in your work wearing specialized clothing.

Types and Models of Pants for Pregnant Women

Now we have to classify the pants for pregnant women by the models and types that exist:


When it comes to having a fresh style, there is nothing better than Maternity robe. They are versatile and combine with practically everything. There are many types of jeans, depending on your boot cut and your shot. Maternity Jeans should not be missing in your wardrobe; you will need them at all times.


Leggings are usually the number 1 option of every woman during her pregnancy because of how comfortable they are, but they are not the most stylized, if you care how you look, use leggings only at home. If by chance you want to go out with them, wear long and matching blouses. Also, there are specialized leggings for exercise; not all Leggings are designed for exercise.


What are Jeggings? If you still don’t know what they are, you have probably been living under a stone for the last five years; Jeggings are the perfect combination of Jeans, Tights, and Leggings, they have the stylized appearance of a Jean and the comfort of leggings.

If you have not tried them yet, this is your chance, take advantage of your pregnancy to look good and feel comfortable.

Formal trousers

This type of pants is more formal and is used to attend the office and look more professional; they are usually made of soft fabric and wear elastic garters for our belly. These pants may not be as comfortable as leggings, but they look much better.

Classification of jeans for pregnant women according to their Shot

Like any jeans, specialized jeans are also classified depending on your shot; this means the distance between the crotch and the waist. It is good to know this because it will directly affect both your comfort and your style.

Low-rise trousers

This type of jeans is also known as a short, low-waist, or cheeky shot. It is worn below the belly at or below the hips. If you are one of those who usually wear low-rise jeans, you could opt for maternity jeans that offer an elastic hip band to ensure your comfort during your pregnancy.

Jeans Medium Shot (Regular-Rise)

The Medium Rise is a jean much more worn by people, it falls just below the navel, and it covers the hip. These jeans usually provide more significant support to the lower abdomen, and their cut style makes them much more comfortable to wear after your pregnancy.

Check that your tummy is not dropped as it will make you feel uncomfortable with this type of jeans. You can use the medium shot until before the 7th month of pregnancy after it is likely that you feel uncomfortable.

Pants of threw high (high-rise)

High Rise jeans are those that are above the navel and amplify the tummy and the butt. This is the model indicated for the last months of pregnancy; they will provide you with all the comfort you need.

There are several types of supports, some have small bands, and others will have elastic bands that will go over the belly. 

Jeans that fit your tummy

There is a wide variety of maternity jeans: skinny, loose, flared, and dark and washed out. Something to keep in mind when buying maternity jeans is the waist type. There are different types: with low elastic fabric extension, with fabric extension to completely cover your tummy, and with lateral elastics.

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