Best Platforms to Invest and Trade Crypto

If you are thinking about investing in crypto, the first thing you need to consider is identifying the right exchange or trading platform. Failure to choose the right platform may negatively impact your crypto portfolio and even lead to the loss of your investment.

In this article, we spotlight major crypto exchange and trading platforms that you can use to store and trade safely.


Coinbase is undoubtedly the largest and most credible crypto exchange. Aside from trading more than 30 crypto assets, users can easily invest with USD. Additionally, the platform lets you earn token rewards for completing various tasks.

New users who create an account on the platform are credited with a $10 bonus. Plus, you can trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, tokens, and other coins. The advantage of using Coinbase over other platforms is that it not only features a wide range of tokens and coins but also comes with an intuitive user interface.


Voyager is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world of crypto. The app-driven platform supports commission-free trading. New users who create an account on the platform for the first time can earn up to   $25 BTC upon trading at least   $100 in crypto.

The app-based platform not only offers exciting interest rates but also comes with an intuitive user interface.


BlockFi is typically a crypto marketplace where users lend crypto to generate interest from their holdings. Aside from borrowing tokens and coins, you can as well get a loan against your crypto holdings.

The US-based trading platform lets users earn high-interest rates upon making deposits. The only undoing about the platform is that it doesn’t support a wide range of tokens and coins.


Uphold lets users trade multiple crypto assets with ease. This means you can easily manage your trading portfolio straight from a single account. While various trading platforms support trading crypto pairs, uphold lets users trade multiple assets.

Unlike other trading platforms, uphold supports a wide range of crypto tokens, some stocks, and XRP. The trading platform is accessible via both mobile app and desktop. The major drawback about the platform is that it may be challenging to use especially for those who have never used it before.


Kraken is one of the most popular crypto exchanges available in the world of crypto. The platform offers a wide range of tokens and coins that users can trade. The platform is a real exchange and may not be easy to use like other platforms highlighted in this article.

Typically, this is the only platform that allows users to trade DOGE and other risky tokens. Aside from being one of the most popular exchanges, Kraken comes with advanced security features compared to other platforms.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform, then Kraken may not be an ideal platform for you.


While eToro has been serving mainly Europe, they are now allowing traders from the USA. Besides allowing users to buy and sell a wide range of assets, eToro features a free trial account where new users can try out before trading on a real account.

Just like other established trading platforms, eToro offers a bonus of $10 for new traders who deposit at least   $100 in crypto assets. The unique aspect about etoro is that it allows users to copy other trades from experienced users.

Although the platform has a worldwide option for those who want to trade crypto, it has a limited number of tokens and coins.

#7. The Crypto Genius

The Crypto Genius blends both an exchange and crypto wallet for your portfolio. Unlike other wallets and exchanges, The Crypto Genius is not only subject to taxes but also to crypto exchange. In addition to advanced security features, the platform lets you earn interest from your crypto holdings. To know more you can go online and explore their official website.

The only undoing of the platform is that it supports a limited number of coins and tokens.


Crypto trading can be profitable if you choose the right trading platform. That way, you are not only guaranteed the safety of your earnings but also better returns. All you need to consider is the fees charged on various platforms.

That being said, this article offers an array of options that you can leverage to kick start your crypto investment process.

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