Best Sofas in Singapore

We all understand that having a great sofa can give your living room a cozy, warm, and inviting experience. Although there are various sofas you get, including leather sofas, one of the best and classic types is a fabric sofa. Modern, breathable, and affordable fabric sofas offer a whole focal point for your house. With a wide range of high-quality fabric sofas available in Singapore, it is often difficult to choose the best one. In this guide, we have provided a list of the best five fabric sofas in Singapore, as well as their quality recommendations:

The five best sofas in Singapore

Alicia L-shaped- Slate

It is always recommended to invest in a quality sofa for your house. After all, you spend most of your chilly moments there and where you invite visitors every time. Therefore, try the Alicia L-shaped, made of soft polyester fabric and solid eucalyptus wood for a convenient sofa.

• Quality recommendations

• Free fabric swatch

• Can stand up to one hundred and twenty kilograms per seat

• Available in four different colors

Malcolm Scandi Luxe Sofa

With the wrong sofa, your lounge or living rooms might not look as impressive or cozy for your guests and family members to relax and unwind. However, you can change any house into a paradise with a Malcolm Scandi Luxe fabric sofa. This stunning sofa not only epitomizes practicality with a three-seater capacity but also exudes a class and minimalist style. Additionally, it features a strong wood frame and solid gold-plated metal legs for assured durability.

Quality recommendations

• Available in six colors

• Manufactured with premium fabric

• Gold plated legs for a modern and classy touch

• Practicality and style combined

Karl SA Sofa

This is a modular L-shaped sofa that can be effortlessly adjusted to fit in differently-sized rooms, large or small. If you love congregating in the lounge or living room, be it with family or friends, this is the best option for you. Every section boasts an adjustable headrest to provide ultimate comfort and an inviting embellishment of the fabric sofa itself. Moreover, the slim and sleek profile of this sofa features an elegant look to your living room.

Quality recommendations

• Customizable modular system

• Adjustable headrest

• Spacious L-shaped sofa

Cali L-shaped fabric sofa

The only thing that stops us from purchasing sectional sofas is the fact that some of the sofas cannot be adjusted in a situation where you want to try something new for your house. Fortunately, the Cali fabric sofa is adjustable to the right or left side and can also be remodeled to be a three-seater sofa. It is an easy and quick process.

Quality recommendations

• Padded backrests

• Simple to mix-and-match with various accents and furniture

• Can accommodate up to one hundred and twenty kilograms per sear

• Made of 100% polyester and quality beech wood.

In the recent past, you were only able to buy a sofa from the retail stores, but nowadays you can purchase the sofa of your choice online- thanks to the internet. Buying fabric sofas online comes with the ultimate convenience, and you can even enjoy discounted prices. Cellini Company is a great place to compare the price of various sofas in Singapore.

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