Best video game themed casino games in Hungary

Casino games have been evolving to offer players a thrilling experience that they need in this modern society. Technology has been the number one factor behind the growth of many online casino companies in Hungary and worldwide.

Currently, gamers do not have to visit the land-based casinos anymore as there are lots of gaming options in a typical online casino in Hungary. The games have evolved with technology. The available games in the Hungarian gambling market utilize the virtual reality concept and other technologies to make the experience replicate the feeling of physically being at a casino. 

Video games have a big connection with casino games and that is why you are likely to find video game-themed casino games on online platforms. We linked up with one of our experts Péter Deli (view profile), who has better knowledge about some of the top video games-themed casino games to consider.

Call of Duty

Do you know of a gamer who doesn’t know about Call of Duty? It’s among the games that have been giving players an exciting experience whenever they play it based on its adventurous nature.

When playing it you will have the privilege of becoming a military group member and going into a war zone together. The game will put you through various dangerous situations created by your enemies.

Your goal will be to kill as many enemies as possible. If you have always wished to be a soldier without facing the actual dangers that soldiers go through on the battlefield, then Call of Duty is the game to look for.

It gives you the same exposure that the soldiers get when on the field while in the comfort of your couch. Amaya Gaming prides itself in the creation of this game that comes with a dark theme.

Call of Duty has gone mainstream and adopted by gambling platforms. You can thus decide to make Call of Duty one of the games you will find on the eSports section. 

Tomb Raider 

Tomb Raider and Lara Croft are legendary names that have starred in almost everything from video slots to casino movies. If you love some action moves on the games you play, Tomb Raider is the game to go for.

It’s an action-packed game that will make you yearn for more gaming time on the best Hungary online casinos and bingo online. In the game, Croft does what she is best at by shooting and leaping over the obstacles and that helps her overcome any dangerous situations she finds herself in.

It’s a 15 pay line and five-reel game that has lots of symbols. Some of the best symbols you will find include those of Clara: one with guns, an idol, the tomb raider logo, and another where Lara is encroaching down, among other popular symbols.

When playing the game, look for the Tomb Raider logo. To trigger a win, you will only require two of them on an active pay line. The pay range for the Tomb raider logo is 200 coins minimum and a maximum of 7500.

To get the maximum payout, you must get at least five symbols on a pay line. The available pay lines give you 15 chances to win on each pay line. You will find yourself immersed in the game. It has cool symbols and outstanding themes that players are always yearning for.

Street Fighter

Streetfighter is an iconic game that has been in the limelight for years. Those who have played it will confirm that it is the game you need to check out. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you must have a story to tell about the game. 

It’s known for making many people’s childhood moments memorable. It’s among the top games with 25 pay lines and five reels that give players a better opportunity to play and get awesome rewards. You will have the privilege of pacing on maps and figures painted and sculpted with genuine care. 

Hungary has been making moves in the gaming sector and the above games will make your gaming journey worth pursuing. They have original features that every player is looking for. 

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