Best WordPress plugins for starting a business blog

Developing and managing a blog is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work, creativity, and time to make it successful. The whole website needs to be functional, clear, and easy to use. Only in that way you can keep your business going. You need to satisfy your visitors and customers, and you know that that work requires a lot of effort to be put in. That is why every website owner needs some help to do the job easier and faster. There are many ways to improve your website management as well as your business, that will save you time and money. You just need to use the right plugins that can provide you with some amazing results. All you need to do is find the right ones for you, whether you want to improve the functionality of your website, SEO, speed, user experience, and more. Some of the best plugins created perfectly for every website owner can be found in this text. So, here is a list you might find quite useful!

  1. WP Reset

This plugin is perfect to fix so many problems that could come through. It has some really great features, and it includes its Emergency Recovery Script. That is a WordPress independent script that contains only a single file, and it comes in handy when things get complicated.

Using WP Reset, you are able to undo all your actions, test and debug your website in just a few minutes, remove demo data, and automatically activate your favorite plugins and themes. You get the chance to reset only some tables that include just a certain context by simply using its Partial Reset Tools. In that way, you don’t need to do the complete reset of your webpage.

Some plugins and themes that are slowing down your page, can be easily deleted in order to speed up your website.  All your database tables saved in the currently used database can be easily copied. If it comes to a certain problem, you can just reset your WordPress database without even logging in to the website. There are also some advanced features you can use, such as Nuclear Reset, that allow you to delete the whole content of your website.

This plugin is there for starting coming soon website, that will let users know that the website is being prepared. It can also help a lot with SEO, send the newsletter before running the website, and much more. It provides you with a variety of themes and designs that you can customize for your use. It allows you to choose different backgrounds, add your logo, video, and more.

With the SEO Snippet Preview, you get a real-time preview of how your site will appear in Google’s search results. Maintenance mode is helpful, too, because it covers up a non-functional webpage when doing an update.

This is a plugin that helps you manage and create 301, 302, 307 redirects for your WordPress site, and in that way, it improves SEO and visitor experience. Since it has a user-friendly interface, 301 Redirects is pretty easy to use. It is perfect for new sites or just for repairing links after reorganizing your WordPress content that already exists.

Also, when your website has content that expires and you just want to avoid sending your visitors to a 404 error page because it can hurt your SEO ranking. One way to detect those problematic links is to use a 404 error log. It has some other great features such as setting a custom destination URL, very fast redirection, great compatibility with translation plugins, and more. It can be used to switching traffic from another website, keeping SEO, fixing broken links, and many other useful things.

WP Sticky is a plugin that allows you to make any element of your website sticky so that your website improves as much as it can. It helps your visitors to navigate more easily, keeps your logo and brand in your visitors’ sight all the time while they are scrolling the page, and it surely improves the design of your website that can become more engaging. It is useful in so many ways!

For example, your logo and brand are becoming easier to remember, and you keep your visitors engaged. It is easy to use by anyone who wants to. There is no need for you to know how to code, it can all be set up in just a few simple steps in a couple of clicks. It has a really simple design and a great interface.

The plugin works pretty great with almost everything; page builders, themes, and some other plugins. It is fully customizable and you get to choose how your website will look and which elements will be sticky. You can also adjust them for all screens, both smaller and larger, so it looks great in any case. You are able to add sticky elements however you like, highlight some important buttons, improve conversions, and more. When you find out how simple but useful it is, you will be amazed!

Google Maps Widget Pro is one of the fastest Google Maps plugins out there. You can install the plugin within a minute, and you can customize and embed it in just a few minutes, too. It is known how important it is to find a map easily on a business website. It helps your customers to locate you without any trouble.

Using this plugin, you get over fifty amazing features! It allows you to pin several addresses on the map. You get over twenty lightbox skins and 15 map skins, and it also provides you with more than 1500 custom map pins you can choose from. It can generate shortcodes for you, and you can use them anywhere on your site. Your widgets will be able to be exported and imported with no trouble. This plugin can load up very quickly in full-screen, pop-up, or any other option you get to choose in the map settings. This is surely a must-have for every website owner!

All those plugins listed above are something you want to try if you want to improve your business blog, website, and business in general. They are pretty easy to use, and you will surely see some great results if you start using them. You can find more information on their official websites, of course. They all help to keep your website fast, engaging, and easier to use- and that is surely exactly what you need! Therefore, try checking it out! You will quickly figure out if those are the ones you need to keep your business running. Good luck!

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