Bluetooth Hearing Aids and Cancer

Hearing loss problems can occur to anyone at any point in life. When someone suffers from permanent hearing loss problems, they can never totally cure it, instead, they have to go through measures that can help them listen better, and keep their hearing health in a good state. One such measure is using hearing aids, and hearing aids are actually the most used and most popular method for tackling permanent hearing loss problems. Many people with hearing loss problems are using hearing aids to listen better and take care of their hearing health.

There are many different types of hearing health based on their placement, amplifier type, and even technologies. For a long time, hearing aid technology wasn’t much advanced, and you would find analog hearing aids mostly in the market. They would only amplify the ambiance sound, and that’s about it. You wouldn’t be able to adjust the sound based on the environment and your needs. Also, the batteries weren’t very effective, the same goes for the volume control.

But in recent times, the hearing aid industry has faced a huge boom in technological advancements, and now you’ll be able to find many digital hearing aids in the market that feature really impressive technology. From rechargeable batteries to numerous connectivity options, the modern-day hearing aids really provide amazing stuff to make your hearing way better, as well as to make your life easier. Dealing with hearing aids has now become a lot more convenient, and sound processing has never been better.

Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

Among all the features hearing aids provide these days, Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most impressive ones. Bluetooth hearing aids can be paired with any device that supports bluetooth connectivity. With this feature you can easily connect your Bluetooth hearing aids with your smartphone, and also other electronic devices too, and you can use those devices conveniently as now you will be able to hear sounds directly from those devices through your hearing aids. The inclusion of Bluetooth technology helps users hear better during one-to-one conversations, and way more. Watching TV, streaming youtube, listening to music, and even talking over phone calls become way more fun and comfortable with the help of Bluetooth hearing aids.

How Bluetooth Technology Works in Hearing Aids

It is actually quite an easy thing to understand. The hearing aids come with built-in bluetooth technology, and then you just have to pair the device with another device such as your mobile phone, or your TV where you can stream your favorite shows or music. After pairing you can connect your hearing aids with those devices wirelessly any time you want. Then the sound from devices will come directly and automatically to your hearing aids, and you’ll be able to have an enhanced listening experience. You’ll also be able to stay more connected with people over the phone, as using the phone and talking over it will become a lot more comfortable and convenient.

Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids Safe?

You might have heard that using bluetooth hearing aids isn’t safe for your health. They can cause cancer, brain damage, and other various health problems, etc. But we want to make you feel relieved from your concerns, as we are here to say that they are totally baseless concerns. Firstly you need to know what kind of radiation is emitted from bluetooth hearing aids. There are two different types of electromagnetic radiation out there. One type is named ionizing radiation and the other type is named non-ionizing radiation.

The ionizing radiation can increase your risk of having cancer, as the energy of this radiation is really strong and can separate electrons from atoms detrimental to your health. But it isn’t the electromagnetic radiation type emitted by bluetooth hearing aids. Instead, they emit non-ionizing radiation, which can also be found in smartphones and other similar devices. Even though studies are still ongoing to find out if there’s any health risk due to it, to date, nothing solid has been found that can suggest that the radiation from Bluetooth hearing aids can cause cancer or harm you in any way. Also, the amount of non-ionizing radiation emitted from Bluetooth hearing aids is a lot less than the amount emitted from smartphones.

You should also know that most Bluetooth hearing aids these days use a low-power Bluetooth chip, and its signal is much less powerful than traditional bluetooth devices. Moreover, Bluetooth hearing aids hardly send signals, instead, they catch the signals coming out from other devices. So, you won’t have to worry about radiations coming out of your hearing aid constantly.

Final Words

From the discussion, we can safely say that bluetooth hearing aids are totally safe, and they won’t cause cancer or any type of harm to you. And it will help you a lot to listen better and take care of your hearing health while making your life more convenient.

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