Bong Accessories: Ash Catchers, Lighters, and More

Bongs are the go-to for those who love to smoke dry herbs and concentrates. However, if you want your bong to last as long as possible and keep it clean, it’s important to use accessories that will help in this endeavor.

The following article will explain bongs and the best accessories like glass ash catchers, which can be used to enhance the experience.

What Are Bongs?

A bong is not just an ordinary water pipe, but it’s an air-powered filtration device that uses smoke to clean off the dry herb or concentrates you’re smoking.

How does this work? The process of making a bong is relatively simple. When you use a lighter to heat the dry herb or concentrate, smoke is created.

When you inhale the air from the bong’s mouthpiece, this air pulls the smoke down through the tube and into your lungs. Since there are water bubbles inside of it, the smoke will be cleaned so that once it goes out through the other end, it’ll be as clean as possible.

What Are The Best Components Of A Bong?

There are many different varieties of bongs, so it depends on what you’re looking for in terms of style and functionality. According to reports, the global cannabis market was valued at $22.10 billion in 2020. However, some key attributes to look out for will ensure your bong is how it should be.

Here are the top accessories to look for in a bong:

1) Ash Catchers

If you’re a regular smoker, glass ash catchers will significantly reduce the chances of ashes accumulating on your walls and base.

There are two types of ash catchers:

Removable – The removable ash catcher is usually found at the bottom of the bong’s downstem. This way, it can easily be removed from the bong to be emptied after each use.

Permanent – The other type of ash catcher is permanent, which usually sits right above the water chamber. This way, you can easily see its contents, especially since it will start changing colors over time due to the different resin types that will accumulate.

2) Lighters

Lighters are a bong’s best friend. Since you’re using tiny pieces of cannabis for your dry herb and concentrates, you’ll need to light them on fire to transform them into smoke so that they can be inhaled and cleaned by the water bubbles.

When looking for a lighter, try not to go cheap because you’ll end up buying more of them. Instead, go for something sturdy that has a windproof design so you can have an easy time using it no matter the weather.

3) Bowls

The bowl or nail is used to smoke your dry herb or concentrate. It’s where the cannabis will be loaded before being lit on fire.

There are many different materials that bowls can be made out of, the most popular of which is titanium. Some people believe it tastes better than glass or ceramic, but you should make sure to clean your bowl after every use because each time residue builds upon it, its taste will worsen drastically.

4) Carb Caps

These are used to cool down your dry herb or concentrates before inhaling them. You can get carb caps that are either domed or made of glass, the latter being the safest option since it won’t conduct heat at all.

Carb caps are essential accessories to have on hand because they directly influence vapor production. Vapor is more flavorful than smoke, so it’s necessary to consider using a carb cap when smoking dry herb or concentrates.

5) Grinders

A grinder is the best accessory to have on hand if you want your smoking sessions to go as smoothly as possible. Instead of having to break up your cannabis with your hands and fingers, a grinder does the job for you.

If you’re looking to buy a grinder, make sure it has diamond-shaped blades instead of metal ones because these will do a better job at cutting down your cannabis rather than turning it into powder.

6) Bubblers

As their name suggests, bubblers cross between a traditional bong and an ash catcher. They have the same functionality as ash catchers in that they catch ashes when you smoke. However, instead of submerging it in water, sand is used to achieve the same results.

While sand will also be able to remove some of the resin from your dry herb, it will end up ruining the taste of your smoke. If you want to enjoy a clean smoking session without sacrificing quality, then this is one accessory that’s worth having on hand.

7) Bowl Covers or Silicone Containers

If you don’t have a carb cap, bowl covers or silicone containers can easily do the job of keeping your dry herb warm.

If you’re using a silicone container, make sure it’s 100 percent food grade so that no chemicals will come into contact with your cannabis.

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