Can I Crimp My Own Balustrade Wire?

Wire balustrade is a cheaper alternative to wooden or concrete barriers in decks, staircases, or landings on the balcony. It’s not only a cheaper option, but also adds quite a fascinating look to your outdoor, and allows sufficient light and air to pass and ensure proper ventilation, as well.

However, although it’s cheap and sounds easier to install compared to wood and concrete, there are certain challenges to it, as well. Crimping the balustrade wire is one of them.

Often DIYers or homeowner who is doing all by themselves ask, ‘Can I crimp my own balustrade wire?’. While the answer is yes, there are certain ways and steps you must follow. In this piece, this is what we are up to.

What Is Balustrade Wire

Balustrade wire is simply the wire that is used for building a balustrade. It can be a staircase, side, a railing, a deck, or a balcony – all it takes is installing a few pieces of a long wire, which we refer to as balustrade wire. Balustrade wires are mostly made of stainless steel, and you can easily rely on the strength of it when you set it up for your outdoor.

What Is Balustrade Wire Crimping?

Now, you need to cut the required length of the balustrade wire you need to use. After cutting, the end of the wire needs to be joined to the clamp placed at the end of the pillar (one of the two pillars that hold the wire to form a straight line). To attach it to the pillar end, you need to put the wire end inside the ferrule and lock it there.

This locking process is known as wire crimping. This is extremely important as this joint can’t be achieved without crimping the wire to the ferrule.

How to Crimp Balustrade Wire?

How you can crimp a balustrade wire depends on what type of crimping tool you are using. The difference between different methods lies in the diversity of crimping machines. There’re a few simple machines that you can use to do it by your hand, or you can choose a number of automated and advanced-mechanical devices.

From hydraulic crimping to mechanical crimping tools,Ethernet crimping tool, and even hand crimping tool, you can choose from all the options. Which one is the best choice for you? That depends on how familiar you are with the crimping tool. First of all, let’s look at how you can crimp the wire using a hand tool only.

Crimping with Hand Crimping Tool

A hand crimping tool will remind you of pliers. This scissor-like tool forms a hole inside that can home a balustrade wire in it. So, to go for a hand-crimping method, here’re something you need.

  1. A hand crimping tool
  2. The balustrade wire
  3. Ferrules or sleeves
  4. And Thimbles

Step 1: First of all, you need to take the ferrule and run the wire through it. Slowly make a loop on top of the ferrule. Leave a decent space in between. Consider making a balloon-shape here. Pull the top of the loop to make sure you are forming it correctly.

Step 2: Now, insert the thimble in it and place it over the ferrule. It will form its own balloon-like shape there. Now, you have to pull down the wire and make it grip tightly against the thimble.

Step 3: Make sure that the distance between the thimble and the sleeve is about the width of your wire. You don’t need to be too much specific, but you can tell it by looking at it. Then, pull down the other end of the wire around 2mm below the sleeve. You will be able to see the end, but you can’t pull it by your finger.

Step 4: Now comes the actual crimping part. Take the hand-crimping tool and place the ferrule in the middle of the jaw of the crimper. Now press the handle of the crimping tool to make sure that the ferrule is tightly closed down. Don’t go overboard with it; you may end up ruining the entire set up. Start pressing slowly and observe your progress.

Step 5: That was only one side of the ferrule. Now turn the ferrule over and again place it under the jaw of the crimping tool. Press again, and make it tight like the other side.

Step 6: Slowly remove the crimping tool and take the wire out with the ferrule attached. That’s it! Your balustrade wire crimping is done!

Final Words

It may sound a bit ‘not for me to do’ when you first need to crimp a balustrade wire. But when people ask, ‘Can I crimp my own balustrade wire?’, the answer can never be a no. With the right tools in hand and a bit of hands-on experience, it couldn’t be less easy. We hope this article will help you get deep inside the process and make it a success for you.

Keep up the good work!

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