Can nicotine have any health benefits?

Despite the continuous campaigns to make smokers from quitting this habit, it is no less true that some studies carried out in recent years by scientific research institutions have found that nicotine may be beneficial in some cases of ailments and diseases, to even help us in some way. 

Along those lines, there are currently alternatives that minimize the harmful effects of smoking, chewing or snorting nicotine by an option of pouches that have the same effect as nicotine, but with the advantage that it does not harm our respiratory tract, more information about these pouches on the website.

Now, we made a list of some of the benefits we previously talked about. Enjoy the post!

Some benefits of the action of nicotine, according to studies carried out

1.   A lower risk of needing a knee replacement surgery

As astonishing it may sound, a recent studyhas revealed that men who are recurrent smokers, have a lower chance of going through a complete knee joint replacement surgery, when compared to the ones that have never tried a cigarette in their entire life.

Yeah, we know, perhaps you’re wondering “Does this even make sense?”  and the answer is yes! Knee replacement surgery is very common on runners and obese people, since smokers rarely jog, so their chances of being overweight, decrease moderately. This strange and positive consequence is associated to the fact that nicotine helps against cartilages and joints wear.

2.   Reduce the risk of acquiring Parkinson’s disease

Several studies have recognized an inverse relationship between the habit of smoking and the Parkinson’s disease.

A recent study claims that, even though the causes of the protective effect are a little unclear, researchers have found that years of smoking habits translates in a better protection against this disease.

Some investigators from the Harvard University were bold enough to share enough evidence that demonstrated the fact that smokers had less chances of developing Parkinson’s Disease. In a study shared in the journal Neurology, they said they discovered that this kind of protective barrier loses its strength after someone quits smoking.

3.   Lesser chances of developing overweight

The nicotine in tobacco smoke works as an appetite suppressant. Let’s go back to the ancient indigenous era of America, times before the colonization of the continent. Tobacco companies in the 1920s used to tell women that if they smoked, they would become slimmer.

The connection between smoking and weight control is hard to explain: since nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant as well as astimulant. Smoking alters the behavior, leading smokers to eat less. As an appetite suppressant, nicotine acts in a zone of our brain known as the “hypothalamus”, as shown in a study conducted by researchers from the Yale University, at Connecticut, USA.

4.   Helps the heart medications work better

Clopidogrel is a medical drug used to slow down the formation of blood clots, in patients thatsuffer from coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular diseases that could resultin devastating heart attacks and strokes. Nicotine seems to enhance the effects of Clopidogrel on the patients who take it.

Our opinion

It’s interesting how something harmful and addictive like nicotine, can have some beneficial effects. We’re not trying to encourage you to smoke to enjoy these effects, but now, if you’re a smoker (or know someone that can’t quit this habit), you can inform them about these benefits, perhaps they’ll be surprised or maybe they’ll feel less guilty when they go for a cigarette. We hope you liked this article, thanks for reading.

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