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Mini Dental Implants for Edentulous Mandibular

Implant-retained prosthesis is partly or completely supported by implant or implants. Dental implants have been in use for years to rehabilitate edentulous patients and their success is also proven. The overall satisfaction is 95% from the patients’ perspective. Patients report…

The Importance of Multivitamins for Kids

bbest multivitamins for kids

With busy work, school and leisure activities schedules, it is understandable that not all children get all the vitamins and minerals their body needs. For highly active children, as well as for children with dietary restrictions, obtaining certain vitamins can…

Tips for healthy and shiny skin

No scars Face Wash

Today people are very much worried about their health. On the one side, they want to maintain a fit body and on the other side they are very much concerned about their skin health. Especially women are more concerned about…

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