Changing VA Services For A Shifting Demographic

The average American veteran is changing. By gender, age and ethnicity, Pew Research have found that the average veteran will be younger then ever before, more likely to be from a minority ethnic background, and more likely to be female. With this comes a shifting set of priorities; what today’s veterans want from their post-service life can often be very different to what previous generations are looking for. Services are changing to adapt, starting with the loans system.

Home loans

Veterans are entitled to a range of credit products with preferential rates. These loans, often coming under the banner of the Hero Loan, are a way of saying thank you for active service members once they have concluded their tour of duty. Property rates have sadly inflated a lot over the past couple of generations, leading the most basic of services to be unsuitable. According to Yahoo, the system is now evolving to allow greater numbers of veterans to access loans without a down payment – crucial at a time when down payments are getting more and more expensive.

Advanced healthcare

Given the rigors of combat, it’s little surprise that veterans are often diagnosed with mental and emotional health problems. In fact, USA Today reports that up to 31 percent of all veterans have some form of mental illness. PTSD has been accepted and treated for a long time, but other forms of mental illness are arguably not treated with the same seriousness. For the new generation, who are potentially more awake to the emotional needs of the mind and body, services are changing to understand and meet this medical need.

Little benefits

The small actions that the federal authorities have taken are also contributing to what veterans are offered on their return home. Since Veteran’s Day 2020, the NPS has offered free entrance to national parks and other federal recreation areas. For the new generation of veterans, who are more likely to be able to access these areas and also want to get out and enjoy the natural environment of the USA, this is undoubtedly a nice touch.

Together, these changes and adjustments to how veterans are able to manage their lives and enjoy their time after service. At a time when the world is arguably becoming more uncertain, that’s an important step in safeguarding their health. This, ultimately, shows the respect Americans have for the service they gave.

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