Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial dryers work more than residential dryers because they dry many clothes they dry. The dryer is likely to collect a lot of lint from the clothes. Leaving these dryers unchecked for a long time can cause fire breakouts in commercial buildings. That is why you should carry out commercial dryer vent cleaning regularly.

Since the commercial dryers do a lot of work, they should be regularly inspected for lint build-up. However, there are signs that you might notice before the dryer inspection date. Consider doing commercial dryer vent cleaning if your dryer machine is overheating, taking too long to dry clothes, or if the clothes come out with some dampness. Removing the dirt will improve the dryer’s functioning and reduce the chances of fire.

  1. Areas Where Commercial Dryers Are Used
  1. Hospitals- hospitals have a lot of towels and bedding that need to be cleaned regularly. They also clean the patients’ gowns.
  2. Salons- salons also use a lot of tools. Towels are likely to leave a lot of lint behind because of the cloth material.
  3. Hotels- Restaurants and hotels have to clean towels, bedding, and room curtains. Some hotels also wash the customer’s clothes.
  4. Home Owner’s Associations- they tend to get commercial dryers because of the many clothes they clean in a day.
  5. Daycare facilities- children do not know how to take care of themselves. Their clothes need to be frequently cleaned.
  1. Signs Your Commercial Dryer Needs Cleaning

Although the rule is to schedule frequent checks for commercial dryers for lint inspection, some dryer owners don’t do that. This can lead to the disadvantages a dirty dryer vent comes with. These signs show that you need to call professional commercial dryer vent cleaning company to clean your commercial dryer vents.

  1. Lint On The Exterior Vent

Lint comes from a combination of the cloth’s linen, dirt, and dust. The lint accumulates in the vent, and when it is also, it starts pushing to the exterior vent due to lack of space. Lint is very flammable, and if not cleaned, it can lead to fire hazards. Call a professional to clean the vent.

  1. Overheating Of The Machine

A dryer should not get hot externally when drying clothes. Overheating is a sign of an overworked dryer. This happens when the machine cannot operate well due to clogged pipes. Overheating can cause mechanical damage to the dryer parts, which are expensive to replace.

  1. Dryer Taking A Lot Of Time

If your dryer takes more time to dry the same amount of clothes, check for lint clogging. This happens when the machine cannot work as efficiently as possible due to blocking the vents.

  1. Damp Clothes

Your clothes should be completely dry as they come from the dryer. If they have moisture spots or still feel moist, you should check your dryer vent for lint. This problem could be caused by lint build up and the best way to deal with it would be to do commercial dryer vent cleaning.

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