Complete Guide on How To Make a Perfect Cup of Tea

Suffice it to say not all teas are equal! Preparing a perfect cup of tea is an art. Some people go ahead to build a career as a barista (latte art). If you don’t want to take that journey but make the perfect cup of tea every time, you’ve come to the right place.

Everyone has different opinions and methods of making herbal wellness tea. As such, some people’s tea tastes great, while some people don’t taste all that good. If you would like to know how to make the perfect cup of tea, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will elaborate on some few things that when chosen right can help improve the taste of your tea brew.

Should you use leaves or tea bags?

The first question you may ask yourself when you want to brew herbal wellness tea is whether to use leaves or tea bags. These two options are great, but they have their ups and downs. Most purists prefer to use brew the leaves of the tea and then filter, while some people find tea bags more convenient.

So, which is better, brewing leaves or tea bags? In practicality, brewing leaves is better as you have more control over the size of the leaves, which influences the aroma and taste of the tea. The reason the size of tea leaves matters is because when broken, they lose their essential oil. And it is the essential oil that holds the flavonoids.

But if you use the leaves, you must invest in a good filter. Otherwise, you can stick to using tea bags. Brewing tea in tea bags is less messy and does not require much cleaning up after making the tea.

How to find the right tea blend?

When it comes to herbal wellness tea, there is a wealth of options. So, finding the right tea blend matters. Different teas have different tastes, colors, aromas, and even benefits. What makes them different can be associated to how they are grown, harvested, and processed. For example, green tea goes through less processing than its black counterpart. Similarly, white teas are the least processed. 

A general rule of thumb to help you choose the right tea is to go for the one with long leaves. The longer the leaves, the better the quality of the tea you will brew. If the leaves look faded or smell muted, they have probably gone stale. Also, read through the ingredients and avoid those with artificial flavoring.

How much tea-to-water ratio?

When it comes to things in the kitchen, many people often go by gut feeling. While this often works, it doesn’t always mean it is correct. When brewing herbal wellness tea, measurement is key.

If there is more water than herb, your tea will taste bland. Similarly, if there is more herb than water, the tea will have a strong taste. A rule of thumb is to use one teaspoon of herb to a glass cup of water.

What is the right water temperature?

Also, having the right temperature is essential when brewing. Brewing at a low temperature wouldn’t yield the ideal tea strength. And brewing at a high will yield to unwanted flavor and tastes. Knowing the ideal brewing temperature for the herbal wellness tea you are making is important.

Different teas have slightly different ideal brewing temperatures. While you don’t necessarily need to be precise with the temperature, it’s important to be within the acceptable range. The range you should brew most tea falls between 76C (170F) and 85C (185F).

How long should you brew? 

The length of the brew is also essential. When you brew herbal wellness tea for too long, it loses its flavor and taste. Also, if the brew time is not sufficient, the taste of the tea will be bland. Often, the brew time for most herbal wellness tea is between three to five minutes.

Should you add milk, lemon, honey, or black?

Many people ask whether to add milk, lemon, or honey or take the tea black. Adding milk, lemon, or honey to an herbal wellness tea may seem counterintuitive, as it masks the flavor and taste. But ultimately, whether or not to add milk, lemon or honey depends on your preference. As long as you don’t add milk or honey during the brewing stage, then it’s all good.

To sum things up, you can make a perfect cup of herbal wellness tea right in your home if you practice. It doesn’t take much to make the perfect cup of tea. All you need is to pay attention to tiny details.

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