Considerable Buying Guide for Used Golf Course Equipment

Golf course maintenance requires a complete fleet of powerful equipment which is is a huge investment. For taking care of turf in such a big area of a golf course, mowing is not the only task to focus on. In order to ensure the healthy growth of grass and maintaining its adequate height according to different areas like teabox, fairway, greens and rough, we need a couple of expensive equipment. there is no need to buy all golf course maintenance equipment in brand new condition because we need some of them occasionally. Going with the option of pre-owned equipment is a smart decision in that case. Used equipment are always suspicious because we don’t that how intensely they were utilised previously. Therefore, it is advisable to prefer a certified seller. Before going further to gain information about identifying reliable sala, it is important to you know that which type of equipment should be purchased from “used” category. Here is a complete list for your convenience:-

  • Aerator and dethatcher
  • Trap and bunker rakes
  • Top dresses
  • Spreaders
  • Sprayers
  • Blowers
  • Vacuums
  • Sweepers
  • Utility vehicles

At a used turf equipment shop, you will get them at almost half price. However, still, these equipment are very expensive. Therefore, consider some important tips as we are mentioning here before placing your order. 

Tips to buy used golf course equipment

  1. Multiple options for a single equipment

Make sure that the used golf course equipment seller is providing you with multiple options in a single model. Thoroughly check the physical condition of equipment and compare it with other available options. Make sure that there is no physical damage appearing on the surface. The online sellers of used turf equipment may provide you with the maximum possible options. They have contacts with potential sellers who provide the latest pictures and detailed information about the equipment. One can easily compare the features of different equipment serving the same purpose on their websites. 

  1. Total hours in use

For how long a gulf coast equipment was used to decides its value. Prefer a website that is giving exact information regarding the total working hours. It will give you an idea regarding the condition of internal components. Don’t buy any equipment older than three or four years even if it is looking scratch-free from outside. 

  1. Year of manufacturing

Check the year of manufacturing for every single model. Also, come again complete information about the availability of its OEM parts. Make sure that the model you are going to order is not discontinued by the manufacturer. Even if it is discontinued, the spare parts are still available in case you need service.

  1. Warranty against technical faults

Even if it is used turf machinery, the seller must provide a limited warranty of a few months. Used turf equipment are repaired with new spare parts. The seller must take accountability for the flawless working of equipment for at least three to four months. Read the terms and conditions carefully e regarding their accountability against any technical fault. 

Mowers are the most important equipment for any golf course. We need them more frequently than any other tool because grass grows continuously everywhere. Precision in the length of turf decides the quality of a golf course. Therefore, it is advisable to buy brand new mowers in all categories. Also, always prefer new extension blades whether they are compatible with a reel mower or rotary mower. Prefer a renowned brand like Toro and John Deere because inferior quality mowing equipment can damage your turf. 

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